ZZ Troutski Fly Box Presents Tying a Wooly Bugger

The wooly bugger is a great fly to begin tying for fishing success.

When I guided and fished a little more than I am at this moment, I always advised fellow casters, “When hiring a guide, find out if he or she ties.” In my opinion, a guide who doesn’t have a few of his own special patterns, he’s not much of a guide.

This pattern is a great place start with the basic techniques and principles to start catching more fish, having fun and saving money on flies. The other thing is, you just can’t have to many buggers.

Materials needed:

-Hook sizes 10 – 2/0 in three to four extra long.

-3-4 extra long hooks of your favorite brand

-3/0 to 6/0 thread,

-Chenille or Dubbing of your choice of color


-Saddle hackle

-Weight material if you desire to weight them.

The wooly bugger represents many different foods to the trout, stonefly nymphs, baitfish, leeches, dragonfly nymphs, damsel nymphs, or anything that might be alive and edible.

Enjoy, have fun and tight lines.

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