Travel Destinations for Men: Solo Warrior’s Travel Guide

Whether a guy is single or just needs to spend some quality time alone, there are spots on this globe that can make any trip worth the while. The nature of these places is made in such a way that there are many activities that appeal to a single individual on the prowl. Whether that guy is fascinated by pubs, clubs, or mountain sites, travelers can find a place on this tiny list to make the next perfect getaway.


Known for: fantastic party scenes, clubs, and hotels

London is a hub of all the things that can make the life of a single individual feel so complete. There are classic clubs where one can go to wine and dance until bones start to hurt. The hotels are nothing but marvelous. Depending on financial ability, there are lower class, middle and high-end hotels. There are also some small quiet spots along the Thames for those interested in dinner and some friendly conversations.

Rio de Janeiro

Known for: food, music, dance

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil looks stunning in real life as it appears in the movies. While visitors can enjoy a lot at any time of the year, the month of February is the best. Recent events at the Olympics have helped to strengthen the country’s economy.

The world’s biggest carnival is usually held in Rio for five good days – every second month of the year. At the height of this festival, nicely curved ladies of all makes and shapes cruise the streets, perhaps looking for lone wolves. There are usually plenty of mouthwatering delicacies, music, and dances for any interested parties. Even those who cannot dance make it a point to pass by the Balls and Sambadrome at Copacabana Palace to see how flexible some folks can get!

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Known for: beaches, rainforest, and wildlife

Who loves the Caribbean islands? If so, then Jaco Beach is the place to be. This section of Central America offers some of the cheapest hotel rates, and there are hotel promo codes that can help make it even cheaper. Besides seeing the rainforest, wildlife and other dazzling elements of this region there are many ladies single men can meet, others from different parts of the world. However, the locals are said to be the finest of them all. If anyone knows some words of Spanish, seduction tricks will work every other time!

Manila, Philippines

Known for: food, beaches

Wanna go full blast on beach activity? Manila in Philipines is the place to visit. Like Costa Rica, this place has some of the crazy low motel fees per night. A hotel tonight code can help even further if stretched and on a budget. Thanks to the European invasion, people here are of diverse races and culture. Besides that, also check out Manila’s beaches and national parks.

Montreal, Canada

Known for: bars, comedy clubs, clubs

Well, this beautiful city is basically a “one stop shop” for lap dances, clubs and anything along those lines. It’s like Paris except this one is slightly laidback and more liberated. The chicks here have a French accent which can totally be mind-blowing. Unlike Vegas and New Orleans, where rules have to be observed (although they are normally broken).

So, anyone traveling alone next time and needs a place that can entertain the most can take a shot at any spot on this list.