Dominical Surf Camp Has Plenty to Brag About

Dominical surf camp owner, Dylan Park, is riding high right now on the news that Dominical, Costa Rica was recently voted #18 in the Top 50 Beaches in the World by CNN.

This could not have come at a more optune moment for Dominical as they begin their tourism high season. High season in Costa Rica runs from December thru April.

dominical surf camp

In 2011, tourism contributed to almost 6% of the country’s GDP and that made tourism the #1 revenue sources for Costa Rica in 2011. As tourism numbers rise, small to medium sized businesses like Sunset Surf Dominical, are reaping the rewards.

During high season, Dominical is a bustling little sea-side village along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, however outside of tourist season, Dominical returns to its sleepy little surf village status that might otherwise go unnoticed if one wasn’t savvy enough to know the history of the surf scene in the area.

For years surfers have flocked to Dominical – it is known amongst surfers as having some of the most consistent waves in Central America and features an amazing beach break that will take your breath away the moment you first lay your eyes upon her.

Pure and simple. These are two words to best describe the ambiance Dominical exudes.

Unlike other popular Costa Rica surf camp destinations, Dominical is for the most part, undeveloped and relatively remote. Locals call Dominical, “Where the mountains meet the sea.”

Where the Talamanca mountain range drops off to the Pacific – it is here that you will find one of the best kept travel destination secrets…Dominical.

Of the plethora of positive aspects to Dominical, there is a down side.

For years Costa Rica had to battle the ever increasing number of stray dogs – these days that’s now changed – with such reputable news sources like CNN and Time Magazine raving about Dominical – now they are faced with a different dilemma…stray humans.

Often when tourists come to experience Dominical the end result is – they don’t want to return home!

Dominical has also become quite the hit with students looking to unwind and get away to experience some adventure in the tropical rain-forests of Costa Rica.

Sunset Surf owner, Dylan Park, recently began offering a mixture of surf/adventure packages. Having begun with simple Dominical surfing lessons, Dylan took note of the feedback he was getting from clients wanting more of a variety. Excursions like riding a quad through the jungle, swimming in tropical and refreshing Costa Rican waterfalls, zip lining through the canopy, snorkeling and even bonfire wiener roasts along one of the world’s most desirable beaches.

Not to mention the million dollar sunsets and moonlit beach strolls.

So next time you are considering where to take your next holiday, think about Dominical, Costa Rica. You won’t be disappointed.

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