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Don G Halbert is a technical SEO and online marketing professional to the realtors. Reach him via his website at The Real Estate SEO or via Newsblaze.
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The Top 5 Ways to Work Smarter & Improve Your Lead...

Realtors are perpetually searching for leads. Whether it is buyer or seller leads, the amount of incoming leads determines the future success of any...

Popular Travel Destination Sees Rising Trend In Sustainable Tourism

With growing trends amongst eco-conscious travelers around the world, Costa Rica has become a hotspot for those seeking a more down to nature experience.
manuel antonio hotels

Costa Rican Beach Takes Top Travelers Choice Award by TripAdvisor

Last week TripAdvisor announced the top beaches in Central America and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica was awarded top spot.
hacienda matapalo

Hacienda Matapalo – The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hacienda Matapalo - were they simply naked the whole time?
costa rica fishing

Costa Rica Fishing Adventures Rise in Popularity

Costa Rica fishing has increasingly become popular for sport fishing enthusiasts around the globe who come to Costa Rica looking for that invigorating adventure of a lifetime.

Hacienda Matapalo Investors Rally – Could Class Action Be Near?

Concerned Hacienda Matapalo investors begin to organize for potential class action case against directors of the now bankrupt project.
costa rica happiest place

Costa Rica Crushes The Happy Planet Index

Just as they did in 2009, once again in 2012, Costa Rica has topped the HPI as the happiest place to live on Earth.
costa rica ipad

Top 5 Reasons Why iPad Loves Costa Rica

With the recent launch of the New iPad, people are frantic to get their hands on the revolutionary device. But why does iPad love Costa Rica? Here are 5 reasons why.

Randy Berg Offers Affordable Villas in Costa Rica

You may have thought owning a beachfront home in some far off tropical locale might be nothing more than a pipe dream - Randy Berg of CR-HOME looks to change that.

Effective Costa Rica Marketing Ranks Country as Top Brand in Latin...

A British company, Future Brand, publishes an annual Country Brand Index. Costa Rica as a brand has ranked highest of all Latin American nations including Brazil, Chile and Mexico to name a few.
costa rica marketing

Little Mistakes Costing Costa Rica Real Estate Agencies Thousands

Almost daily we are witness to yet another Costa Rica real estate project announcing their big vision - problem is, many have grand ambitions but no 'oomph'.

Who are The ‘Enablers’?

Enablers are a breed of their own. Often they do so with the best intentions however in the end, they can, and often do, become a contributor to the problem of the sufferer. This article is, for the most part, exposing the negative aspect of enab
dominical surf camp

Dominical Surf Camp Has Plenty to Brag About

Dominical surf camp, Sunset Surf, is riding high on one of the best years to date for the Costa Rica surf camp scene.

Guanacaste – Why Occupy Wall Street When You Can Occupy The...

Admit it, it would be lot less stress and plenty more comfortable to be occupying a beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica than pitching your tent on the cold concrete of Wall Street.

Tourism and Investment on The Rise in Costa Rica’s Gold Coast

Widely accepted as Costa Rica's least populated and highly desirable provinces, Gunacaste holds something for everyone.

‘Flash Mobbing’ Makes An Ideal and Viable Marketing Method

Flash mobbing appears to be on the rise in popularity as an effective marketing model for many new start up companies. In this article we delve in to examine the benefits of this trending marketing model.

Mahir Mostic: The Death that Woke Up the World to MS

On the 19th of October 2010, Mahir Mostic died from complications from his liberation therapy for MS. That was also the day that the world would stand up and take notice to difficulties MS suffers all around the world face daily.

Surfing with an Edge Costa Rican Style

Dominical has been a famous surf hotspot for decades, now the landscape has changed and a Costa Rica surf camp, Sunset Surf, looks to rip it up!

Blowing the Lid Off Costa Rica Retirement

Tucked away in the northern province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica, is the revolutionary new concept in retirement communities, the Sun Ranch.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism Popular for MS Liberation Therapy

Recently an Italian discovered a revolutionary MS treatment called 'Liberation Therapy'. Many foreigners are looking to Costa Rica medical tourism for treatment whereas their home countries still are not accepting the therapy.