5 Ways to Travel to the US on a Budget

According to Statistic Brain site, some 45.5 million people traveled to the US in 2015. US Passports and International Travels reported that 15,556,216 visas were issued to people who wanted to visit the nation in 2015.

In 2014 they reported that 14,087,341 visas were given to people who traveled to the US while 2013 saw 13,529,757 visas placed into the hands of visitors entering the country.

People are traveling to the US for a number of different reasons such as for shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, visiting family and friends or just merely because they love to go to new places.


There are a number of ways you can really travel to the US on a tight budget. If you are an adventurous person, you need to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. Start by being proactive and ask for advice, guidance, and help. In no time, you will start seeing your trip being charted out.

Here are a few simple ways to journey to the land of plenty opportunities and dreams.

Fly smart

flights can make a business trip expensive.

Instead of buying airline tickets to the US for full price, you can pool together and travel in a group. Some airlines will give you group discount and will not charge you the full price. Start looking for a group in your country that is getting ready to fly to the US by checking the newspaper and asking around. Who knows? A football team, volley ball team or a boxing team might just be flying to the US when you are due to leave. Therefore, take advantage of their departure time and try to get your name on the list so you can pay less air fare.

Get a Travel Scholarship


A travel scholarship allows you to travel free because someone else is paying your air fare. If you are a student and looking to study in the US, getting a scholarship is a good way to journey on a tight budget. If you like you can check at unesco.org website to get a list of available scholarships to the US.

Check out a budget airline


Budget airlines allow you to buy your flight ticket to travel to the US at a cheaper rate than what their competitors are offering. You might have to agree to the airline’s rules such as not allowing to take advantage of any free food onboard, less leg space and so on, but hey, the important thing is that you are reaching your destination in a couple of hours so relax and enjoy the flight. You can seek out your travel agency to see which budget airlines are presently giving low fares.

Choose the right time to travel


Most airlines charge more money during certain times of the year like Christmas and on other public holidays. Booking your flight when the rates are down is a great way to fly to the US on a low budget. In addition, traveling in mid or low season can help you to save money on air fare. Do your homework by going online or getting in touch with a travel agency and check out which days the airline charges less money to passengers.

Consider buying your airline ticket in US currency


Presently, there is a currency difference all over the world and you can take advantage of this way of traveling cheaper. Since the US dollar is stronger than most world currencies, you therefore stand a better chance of saving money if you buy your airline ticket using that currency. You can ask a friend or family member living in the country to buy the ticket for you in US dollars. Chances are that the money you save on the tickets can work out to be good spending money that you will enjoy on your visit.

You can beat any airline price hike and travel on a tight budget to your US destination by taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. All it takes is just a little determination on your part after checking out all the available options. So go for it and enjoy your stay better in the land what people call the American Dream.