12 Crazy Names of American Cities

One of the most interesting things about some cities in the United States happens to be their names. For travelers looking for quirky vacation destinations, visiting a few of these cities could lead to some great social media posts. “I am in Climax (Michigan)!” “Anyone want to join us in Three Way (Tennessee)?” Check out these and other hilariously named American Cities.

1. Coward, South Carolina

Guests can ask locals about the name of this S.C. city, but it’s doubtful any are brave enough to answer.

2. Climax, Michigan

In 1838, Daniel B. Eldred, Fence-Viewer and Pound-Master–Yes, this was a real title.– District No. 1, unwittingly name this city when he noted, “This caps the climax!”

3. Three Way, Tennessee

Three Way gets its name from the three-way split of the Route 45–which is exactly the first thing that springs to mind, of course.

4. Winnebago, Minnesota

The RV company and this town commemorate the Native American Winnebago tribe.

5. Uncertain, Texas

Because it’s on the borders of Texas and Louisiana, it was difficult to pinpoint which state this city was located in.

6. Last Chance, Iowa

This town is too small for the census to track, but may pose an interesting travel destination in the heartland. For those who don’t want to miss a great opportunity, reservations.com has great travel ideas for U.S. and international destinations.

7. Cool, Texas

If there’s a visitor’s guide for this city, the nerds must have hidden it. There’s no word on whether the Fonz has ever been here.

8. Colon, Michigan

Officially named for a Panamanian city, Colon joins an unfortunate repertoire of Michigan cities, including Brown City, Colon and Flushing.

9. Pink, Oklahoma

Nobody knows where the colorful name came from, but there’s no official city color listed, so visitors can come as they are.

10. Rainbow City, Alabama

Named after the Rainbow Drive highway, this city must be a great draw for traveling Leprechauns. There have been no reported discoveries of gold-laden kettles, so far.

11. China, Texas

Despite the Asian bent, this Texan town is actually named after the chinaberry trees that grow in the surrounding area.

12. Hooker, Oklahoma

The town was named in honor of a ranch foreman named John “Hooker” Threlkeld. If you ask a local about the interesting name, they may reply, “It’s a location, not a vocation.”

Intrepid travelers can plan a road trip to check out these cities and others that didn’t make the list. (There are so many!) For instance, why not check out color-coded cities Pink, OK, Rainbow, AL, Green, OH and Orange, TX. Alternately, those with dirty minds may enjoy a tour including Hooker, OK, Intercourse, PA, Climax, NY and Three Way, TN or any of these sexy towns.

Melissa Thompson
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