World Jousting – A Knight To Remember

Have You Attended A Good Joust Lately?

Would you like to, and who’d have though a sport would last this long…. Jousting is coming to Southern California October 22 – 24 at Poway Rodeo Grounds.

All over the globe, competitive jousting which never lost its popularity is actually growing again all the way from New Zealand around to Sweden. Often a summer event, thousands of international fans flock to tournaments where men in armor engage in no holds barred competition.

Americans now no longer must settle for a few staged theatrical shows. With today’s event sanctioned by the Royal Armories of England, jousting is affiliated with the International Jousting League, or WorldJoust Tournaments bringing world-class competitive jousting to US fans.


Jousting, under the “Tournament of the Phoenix” attained its name from circumstances surrounding their initial joust event three years ago this month. At that time Southern California was suddenly devastated by “Witch Creek” fires so the event was set aside. After a meeting with core event organizers, a decision was made to go ahead with the joust.

Although promoters and their Australian competitor were evacuated from Ramona California and living in a camp at nearby Lakeside, additional joust enthusiasts clamoring to become competitor participants began pouring into the small community from across other U.S. states as well as from around the world. They slept on neighbor’s couches when possible, on floors when the couches across San Diego were filled. This determined group banded together. They rallied to the cause, that cause being the love of competitive sport.

On event day, in spite of horrific setbacks too numerous to mention, hundreds of area residents turned out to enjoy escape from worries of fires, cares of finance, to just relax and enjoy live entertainment.

English competitor Dominic Sewell declared – ‘We thought the fires would defeat us, but instead we have risen, Phoenix like, from the flames’. And so “The Tournament of the Phoenix” was named.

During this third jousting year the Tournament of the Phoenix has proven itself capable of having learned from experience. It is ever better developed into a more exciting sport than one could have imagined. A huge addition is the attraction of highly skilled knights from around the world who had been invited to compete. Protected by actual, museum-grade armor, they engage in a series of events that clearly demonstrate skilled proficiency in many of the essentials required of Medieval knights.

An incomparable opportunity for all to watch and learn true history of knights’ mannerisms in the society in which they existed, today we can all be privy to the lives of men who know first-hand what was required to become a real knight.

Here up close and personal are those who have mastered chivalry, a knight’s code of honor, what it is like to wear a suit of armor. Also the role their mounts played back in the Middle Ages. Anybody who loves horses will get a thrill out of this old-new sport.

Beside the fascinating topics taught by real live knights, it’s clean family fun. 2010 feature guests include Dr. Tobias Capwell, Curator of Arms and Armor at the Wallace Collection in London, and Scott Farrell of the award winning ‘Chivalry Today’ program.

The latest events have been expanded to include a Festival of History featuring living history presentations from the Romans to the Renaissance.

Fun, food and excitement, what a terrific way to wind down fall as we move into the holidays beginning with Halloween! Better yet, Amazon offers a series of Knights Costumes for children and adults, Medievl Knights and Dark Knight outfits.

Why not come to the joust dressed in your best, then joust around the house until Happy Halloween night, you’ll be ready to roam.

For additional Jousting information:

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