World Cup: USA 2-2 Slovenia, Slovenia Move To The Top, USA In Trouble

Group C continued today with a small shock on the cards as USA drew to Slovenia.

Both sides were poor in their first games and whilst USA drew to England, Slovenia stole a win against Algeria. They upped their games here and things were a lot entertaining.

Birsa grabbed a brilliant opener for Slovenia who were on top for the first quarter of the game, outplaying the Americans by far. Birsa was also involved in the second when he slipped Ljubijankic through to cooly put them 2-0 up.

USA came back in the second half though and just a few minutes in Donovan smashed in for their first before Bradley scored a late equalizer in the final ten minutes.

Slovenia move to the top of the group after this and USA are looking pretty sick on 2 points. They still stand a decent chance of qualifying but they now need to beat Algeria in their final game.

England play later in the day and are a sure-bet to beat Algeria. But I had also predicted a USA win here so, nothing is certain in this competition.