Tai Babilonia and Her Success as a Skater

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‘Rock Thiz’ has featured talented figure skater Tai Babilonia. In addition to Tai being featured, she was also on its cover!

Tai’s Background

Tai is a world figure skating champion. Her interview took place in Studio City, California by Victoria Velasco with “Rock Thiz Magazine.” Part of what is shared here (with permission by ‘Rock Thiz’) is due to the great interview by Velasco on the life and times of Tai Babilonia.

Tai’s Skating Interest Began Early

According to the interview on Tai, her interest for ice skating began at the age of six when she saw Peggy Flemming skating on TV. This personal experience that changed Tai’s life began in the mid-1960s.

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Going Professional And On Tour

By 1968, Tai “hooked up” with professional skater Randy Gardner. Both Gardner and Tai studied skating under coach Mable Fairbanks. In a few years, both of these advanced skating students changed coaches and went on, from 1972-1980, with John Nicks, a British Pair Champion and World Medalist.

In 1979, the pair won the World Championships and later did a small tour that included a performance in England for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Randy and Tai took part in the 1980 Olympics. Unfortunately, due to a past leg injury of Randy’s, that journey came to an end. In her interview, Tai shared some of the details of that journey, especially of the wonderful support they experienced from America, family and friends.

What followed was the couple’s work with the Ice Capades. For Tai, though, this was a drastic negative life change that affected her health and her performances. Later Tai did an about-face, and the magazine’s full article shares her recovery and the process of it.

Full Story

Read more about Tai’s journey and full interview in ‘Rock Thiz Magazine.’ Her story, among others can be found at ‘Rock Thiz’ on Facebook.