Denny Hamlin – 3 time Super Bowl Legend Races Toward the Finish Line

A delivery has been made outside on Anthony Wayne when the FedEx Sprint Cup Toyota Camry of number 11’s Denny Hamlin was shown to the students of Wayne State University from 10am-4pm Monday.

The owner is former NFL Coach, Joe Gibbs, who helped the Washington Redskins win three Super Bowls in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. After doing all he could do for football, Gibbs decides to “just try racing and see how he liked it”. “He like the competition” stated show car representative Mark Ness.

Sponsor FedEx Freight tried out a couple of drivers that didn’t work out. But once Denny Hamlin got in the racer’s seat, “It was icing on the cake” Ness responds. Since late 2005, Hamlin has driven seven races in the Camry.

As a full-time starter for the straight third year, the 27-year-old is getting to be pretty popular: winning two races in his rookie season, qualifying for the Chase for the NEXTEL Cup, where he won it two years ago at Pocono Raceway — despite a spin while leading the field on the 50th lap that forced him into the grass and onto pit road for repairs. Soon, he was getting to have a reputation for driving fast.

Hamlin was one of the drivers for the LifeLock 400 race at Michigan International Speedway on Sunday. He started out strong in fifth place but skidded a bit and finished at 14th place due to possibility of problems with the car.

Still, by the time “he gets in there [on the track]”, said Ness’ wife Elise, also a show car rep, “he wants to win like everyone else”.

Everyone’s trying to get first place, she continues, but if you don’t get first place, then you go with the best rank you have.