Daily News Golden Gloves Finals: 2nd Night of Fury

Melissa Roberts Outstanding Boxer of the Evening Award
Melissa Roberts, wins the Outstanding Boxer of the Evening Award

Once again on April 18, 2009, Madison Square Garden became electrified with action as New Yorkers cheered fine boxing. Fighters slugged it out Friday night and into early Saturday to gain this years title and recieve the gold necklace.

A few notable finishers among many great matches:

(125-W) Melissa Roberts got the better of trading punches with Chala A. Yancy with Yancy taking multiple hits to the body and head, but fighting back round upon round with an exceptional display of valor and heart until the referee stopped the bout near the end of round 4 for a Melissa Roberts win.

Melissa Roberts, winner of Outstanding Boxer of the Evening Award at Madison Square Garden.
Melissa Roberts (Gold)

(201+N) Refusing to be intimidated, Joseph Williams Jr. used speed and maneuverability to slip in and slide away from his larger heavy hitting opponent Partick Neumann. Williams frustrated Neumann and managed to accurately rack up more points rushing in with volleys of lefts and rights before his opponent could effectively counter. That’s how to do it and paid off with a win for Williams.

Joseph Williams in Blue.
Joseph Williams (Blue)

(201+) Showing heart and determination, Adam Kownacki and Davone Jones finished off the night slugging it out. Taking turns on the ropes, trading hard, heavy brawling punches, neither fighter would give in and battled until both were near exhaustion at the final bell. Kownacki came away with a tough earned win.

The Adam Kownacki win
Adam Kownacki win

How the rest of the battles went:

(141-W) Kristin Havdoglous slugged it out with Grace Claudio for a second round stop and Kristin win.

(106-W) In a lot of “heart and blood” match, Ruth O’Sullivan defeated Jillkerry Ward with a 4th round stop.

(178+W) Sonya Lamonakis got the better end of trading blows with Shanell Mathes for the win.

(112-N) Daveshua Sepulveda and Joshua Gonzalez wailed away at each other for a Sepulveda victory.

(119-O) Raul Lopez with left and right body shots and the 2nd round stop win over Noel Solis.

(178-N) Leon Falconer and De’Vaun Lee in a heavy trading close one with a comeback win for Falconer.

(141-N) Jayquran Hazel with a win over Jose Peralta after a lot of trading.

(152-O) Steven Martinez with a win over Christopher Ventura after some holding/tie-ups and trading of fast flurries.

(119-N) Kelvin Heredia defeated Claude Staten Jr. after some trading and a bit of holding/wrestling.

(165-O) Naim Terbunja getting the better of head-shot trading with a big left hook and win over Marcus Browne.

(125-O) Dominique James controlled the bout, picking punches for the victory over Frankie Garriga.

And so passes another Daily News Golden Glove Season, time to get over to the gym and get ready for next year.

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