Cyclebration 2008 Two Bridges Circuit Race a Success

Cyclebration is a celebration of all things bicycle. Three days of fun and excitement culminating Sunday in the “Two Bridges Circuit Race” Pro 1-2 Category.

The crowd was cooperative and appreciative, cheering on all racers. Folsom Parks and Recreation did a fabulous job organizing the whole weekend, utilizing a great team of volunteers.

The Pro Circuit Race time was 60 minutes, with 41 riders starting. The large open course was praised by all and the weather was perfect.

Over the hour, there was much position changing, with a group of six breaking away from the pack early, leaving a 20 second gap at the start/finish point.

In the second last lap, three of those riders broke away, adding another 10 second gap.

The finish was a sprint, with #1 and #2 crossing the line in a photo finish, with #3 one second behind and the pack sprinting to the finish.

Police radar clocked the first lap pack crossing the line at 34 mph and the finishing sprint at 38 mph.

The First two finishers were:

Tyler Dibble, Giant Racing Team #130

Matt Obregon #132

Joel D.

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