Another Night of Bruisers at The Garden

Idrissa Kamara

The temperature in the city plummeted, but the 83rd Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Finals provided New Yorkers with a steamy second night of intense Madison Square Garden boxing. The last night to gain a championship, fighters gave their all to wear the golden victory medal.

Results for Women:

Laura Ramirez (Gold) and Susanna MelloneSpence

(106-W) Although Susanna Mellone-Spence hung tough, LAURA RAMIREZ racked up more points with flurries and combos for the win.

(152-W) Dariana Casado missed too many punches and left her guard down for LA TARISHA FOUNTAIN to catch her with hard right hands and the victory.

La Tarisha Fountain

(141-W) Fierce fighting, Kathleen Walsh dished out a lot of solid rights, but a lot of hard volleys from NISA RODRIGUEZ took the win.

(165-W) This bout had the audience going crazy as the fighters exchanged heavy uppercuts, right hands, and a mix of pounding trades to the end. CHRISTINA JENSEN outscored and defeated Alicia Napoleon with both boxers gaining the admiration, respect and sounding cheers of an appreciative crowd.

Nisa Rodriquez (Gold) and Kathleen Walsh

Results for men:

(114-N) HAMZAH AL NUZAILL “switch-hit” landing accurate head shots on Jason Benn with either hand, winning the match.

(165-N) FRANK GALARZA got the better of heavy trading when Allen Brunner tired and dropped his hands allowing Galarza to score and win.

Frank Galarza (Gold) and Allen Brunner

(123-O) MARCUS SUAREZ dominated the bout against Marcus Hernandez with more accurate strikes to the body and head.

(152-O) EDDIE GOMEZ with overwhelming speed outscored and frustrated a bloodied Cletus Seldin for the win.

Eddie Gomez and team

(201-O) STIVENS BUJAJ won with overall good counter punches against Joseph Williams.

(132-N) LOUIS CRUZ was scoring better when the referee stopped Javier Baez after 1 low ducking and 2 holding penalties ended this match.

(123-N) WILFREDO MORALES with a “Rollover” win when Carlos Bruno did not make weight.

Beautifully singing the National Anthem, lovely Amanda Brown enjoys the rest of the evening.

(141-N) Patrick Day scored with effective left hooks in heavy trading, but IDRISSA KAMARA countered with some heavy hitting of his own for the win.

(201+N) ELIJAH THOMAS controlled the bout and outscored Mitchell Senat for the victory.

That concludes the 2010 Daily News Golden Gloves championships. Have your celebration, then, everybody back to the gym to start training for next year.

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