President Obama Needs to Stop the Games!

President Obama knows nothing but games! Here we are awaiting a Bipartisan Summit when action after action is screaming an already pre-set backstepping and games.

First, Obama and his cronies place their Obamacare proposal on the internet and ask for the Republicans’ proposal. Isn’t that what the Summit was for? Senator Boehner stated in one of his many responses to the Summit suggestion that the discussion should be started with a “blank” piece of paper, yet even before the ink is dry on the place cards, the Obamacare is now available online?!

To walk into an open discussion with a pre-set agenda is one thing… putting it on the Internet is disturbing. How can you suggest a level playing field when you already have the game laid out even before the opposing team approaches the field?

More importantly, we here in the public sector know what this hypocrisy of a legislation proposal Obamacare is. We really did not in any way need to see it online as we, especially the youth, are already against it.

The worst attack against the GOP I believe, while they prepare for this summit, is when he commented that at a National Governors Association event that the Governors have been “Bipartisan” consistently and applaud them for it. I see this as an incredible attack against the Republicans who have openly (and rightly so) been questioning the invitation.