Obama Can No Longer Be The Underdog in 2012 Election

It has been over two months ago since President Obama came to Detroit on Labor Day days before addressing his American Jobs Act, which supports not only small businesses, but also the working and middle class, the unemployed, and labor/union workers fighting for economic equality, which quickly led to the birth of “Occupy Wall Street” in New York.

Last Sunday, several polls from the Detroit Free Press shows that while he may win a second term against Republican candidates Newt Gingrich (45%-40%) and Herman Cain (50%-36%) in the 2012 Presidential election, Michigan could prefer Mitt Romney over Obama (46%-41%), believing that both the state (54%) and America (71%) haven’t been on the right track since Obama’s been in office.

Most of it has been due to the economic recession, the rise in unemployment, and the three-way debates between Republicans, Democrats and the “super committee” over the U.S. debt ceiling. Still, despite 37% thinking that he has done a poor job as President, 48% of Michigan still favors Obama.

Now, the President may have another reason to be thankful with a 51% chance of getting re-elected, according to the website PredictWise, which also states that the Democratic Party could re-gain control of the House of Representatives (28.1 percent) and the Senate (20.6 percent) next year.

With the “Occupy Wall Street” movement still going forward, Obama’s chances for a second term might remain steady with protestors championing the passing of the American Jobs Act.

According to last month’s poll from the African-American magazine Jet, 94.62 percent voted that despite Congress resistance, this bill could make all the difference in getting the nation back to work.