Murphy Gets ‘Big Spender’ Endorsement

Barack Obama’s Endorsement Proves Scott Murphy is The big-Spending, Pro-Bailout, Higher Tax Candidate

Mark Williams, Vice Chairman of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee released the following statement in response to news that President Barack Obama had officially endorsed Democratic congressional candidate Scott Murphy:

“We have been saying that Scott Murphy was the candidate of higher taxes, higher deficits, government bailouts and wasteful spending, and today there is no longer any doubt. Barack Obama endorsed Scott Murphy because he wants another vote for more spending, higher taxes, and higher deficits.

“Voters who want someone who will serve as a “Mr. No” when it comes to wasteful pork-barrel spending, and who want a reliable anti-tax vote should support Jim Tedisco, the conservative Republican candidate.

“I’ve been on the airwaves of radio stations in the 20th congressional district for years and during that time I was able to work first-hand with Jim Tedisco to fight for lower taxes and against big government. We know we can count on Jim Tedisco to fight for the people. And now we know we can count on Scott Murphy to fight for the Obama-Pelosi agenda of wasteful spending and higher taxes,” Williams concluded.


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