Male Escort Alleges Being Stiffed By NJ Mayor

Medford NJ Mayor, Chris Myers, allegedly enjoyed the company of a male escort, while traveling on business to Orange County California, at a Newport Beach Hotel, in October.

Myers denies the allegations, saying someone must have sneaked into his hotel room and snapped the photos. The Mayor claims this has happened to him once before, and says he believes the photos were photoshopped. He offered no explanation as to how his township IDs were copied.

The photo that someone allegedly sneaked in and took

If someone did sneak into his hotel room while he slept, took his ATM cash receipt and looked at his iphone 4 and somehow knew he has a BMW back in NJ, then criminals or stalkers are involved. In order for someone to gain access, they had to have known a mayor from NJ was in room 472.

Did someone from hotel security let the male escort into the room under the misapprehension that he was, perhaps, Chris Myers’ nephew? Or is someone from the hotel itself involved in the allegations?

As yet unknown, is the question, did the male escort ask Myers for anything in exchange, before he released the photos and information.

Whatever the reason behind the sex scandal, and if Mayor Myers stiffed the male escort out of a sound studio and a car he promised him, in exchange for something, is yet to be seen.

For unexplained reasons, it is reported that Chris Myers has no interest in having the matter investigated.

The word around Medford NJ is that the Mayor has not been showing up to mandatory Medford Township Council meetings.

Myers says he has no further comment on the matter, and some Medford residents are not happy that the Mayor refuses to step down.