Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – Hillary vs. Obama

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Now only because I dabble into the doings of our political doers, has this crossed my desk. Lately, I have been following the democrats and republicans equally on TV. Well, at least, I have tried. The only time I can do that, follow them equally, on uneven playing field is when they are at a debate. Lucky you don’t have to have a financial or moral support to be in this FREE for all or freedom for all. Heck, they will even give you a podium to stand behind if you cant stand on your own two feet.

All you need is a voice, a few family members and a promise that beats the persons promise. This is the American way. However, I have noticed lately that one candidate stands out from others…Hillary Clinton. Now, I am only going to focus on the democrats right now. The Republicans have the day off, you have had the focus for the past 8 years, so I will give them a break. Anyhow, the two top runners for the democratic side are Hillary and Obama.

And the last count I heard is that Hillary and Obama were neck and neck with campaign funds.

Here is how it is laid out:


Raised money to date: $90,935,788

Spent money to date: $40,472,775


Raised money to date: $80,256,427

Spent money to date: $44,169,236

Now don’t quote me on these figures I am a right brainier. Which means, I can’t tell you how much they have just how creative they spent it? What strikes me is that if they have almost the same amount of money Obama and Clinton, why is it I have seen more of Hillary AND Bill than I did when he was the president.

Now, I have asked almost everyone I have met in the last year who they would vote for at that point. Although they did not tell me whom they would vote for they did say whom they would not vote for. I am wondering who is putting together the polls. She has shown up in every hot spot and not spot in the US. She is getting more airtime than Michael Jordan ever did. She is giving new meaning to the phrase “It is not what you know but who you know.”

Fair and balanced is not the democrat standpoint at this point. It’s more like get what you can while they are not looking. If all democrats moved as fast as Hillary is right now, they might actually get something productive done before the elections of 2008, then again I figure that democrats are sitting in a holding pattern for a reason. If Democrats make too strong of a position on ANYTHING … and slip up with a mistake. It just might work against democrats for the election.

I know what you are thinking, will this is a day ja vu, you said this yesterday about the democrats; you are beating a dead horse. No folks, I am beating a dead donkey, and sometimes that is the only way to get um to move.

So, Hillary you keep moving forward and the rest of the democrats will sit still so you look like you are going faster. Oh by the way, remember, unlimitedly, your opponents (fellow democrats) are moving in the same direction, lets not forget that.

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