Is Obama An Inexperienced Man to Lead United States?

I have watched every debate of this election campaign. What I see is a president who has not one good Value to add to this nation, on the blind side to the public that few see, stands the real man who is the one we don’t see because either we are blind or we don’t want to see him. This side has contempt for people who have worked hard and have arrived monetarily in this life.

His statement, “no one man makes it on their own,” tells the story. He tells us he has never had to work,struggle, live and put oneself and his worldly wealth on a hook to obtain a slice of the good life that requires hard labor, skill, long hours, and the grace of God to obtain a kind of a life for them self and family that they desire.

Success doesn’t give wealth only the satisfaction that one tried, worked, struggled and had faith to obtain their goal. No one votes for you or makes you get up early every morning, go to bed late every night and struggle, hoping and praying for the Lord’s help. Worrying to make payroll and pay taxes on time, while presure developes every day.

It shows this person why we have failed these past four years to rise above the plain and see where we should go and how to get there. He is and has been employed by the government or another government agency most of his adult life; a government assisted student, then politician.

We have a weak and inexperienced man at the helm guiding this nation and it is time he is fired. If the eyes of America are not open to the character of Obama then God forgive us forever electing him.

We must open our eyes and see what happens when we fail to select the right person. Now we are stuck with this one time lawyer who was self disbarred from practicing law when he and his wife gave up their license to practice law in Illinois.

No one just quits the BAR there must be a reason.

If he is reelected, when he is now ready to be de-throned as President of this United States of America, this nation will become a third world power.

Food prices will escalate; fuel prices will sky rocket, and electricity will become subsidized by the government. They will hold the power to force people into a state of government controls. Freedoms of all types will be at the discretion of the Government.

Obama claims Romney’s practices are old fashion. He claims they have all failed in the past. I ask, Really? How and what got this nation to become the only super power in the world?

The same ideals that caused this nation to be born; God, freedom, individual rights, the constitution written, fought for and won by men and women who had the courage to stay the course.

No socialisms, no Kings or dictators or Queens, just people who love God, country, free speech, and all the values written in the constitution.

They loved them so much many gave their lives away to the cause of liberty and freedom that we might not fall prey to men like Obama.

Men who want change, meaning governmental change, where it is a two tier system, of the haves and have not’s. He won’t say it but it so clear what his purpose and that just scares the hell out of normal people who are patriots.

God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost should be the only Kings we should ever pay homage to. We elect a president to represent the people along with our congress. These people work for us the American people.

If they fail, we fail. How important is it for us to get it right? You know that answer. The past four year tell us what happens and when we go astray, and then so goes the world.

God grant us the wisdom to know truth and the knowledge of how to remain a Free People to maintain the truth as our ensign to the world.

Two people make it a majority, God and the man he wishes to help because of his love for God. I learned a long time ago; “God helps those who help themselves and helps others along the way.”

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.