Is Bigotry Part of The Political Selection Process?

Bigotry is well and is now part of the political selection process. What? I said bigotry is part of the political selection process. Well we saw it with Candidate Herman Cain and now with Mitt Romney. If you can’t beat them straight up, start up the bigotry roulette and it always works. I don’t believe the rumors about Cain and I surely don’t believe the stupid remarks of the religious right wing of the Republican Party.

This nation’s bigotry really stirs up my deepest desire to tell people off. When Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court bigotry was resurrected. Even women came forward with their stories and it didn’t hold water. Back in 1959-60 religious bigotry about a Catholic John F. Kennedy stirred the nation and now this same crap continues with Mitt Romney. It comes back like a dreaded disease. Even Abe Lincoln suffered from this type of political bigotry.

Why in this Green Earth do we need people to stir up lies and slanderous ideas about others for someone to feel superior? to win or even be happy? It is so wrong and nasty that people can be so terribly abusive with another person life and reputation. To attack a Man’s family or his morality and now religion is just as distasteful. I really am sick of this process and if a better one was available it would be nice for a change. This nation’s people need to know who to listen to and who not to listen too. The TV is full of what I call old fashion bull dung.

They spin stories to fit what they want the public to hear, even old Fox News, the right wing news, according to President Obama, seems to be guilty. I know the freedom of the press is essential but why can’t they be fair and honest with the news?

I know why Rush Limbaugh is so popular because he speaks his mind and seems to be honest. I’m really not sure he is what he says but whatever. I don’t like the guy because he offends modesty and very seldom do I listen. Glenn Beck got started with honest ideas but it blew up for some reason and I really don’t miss him. My goodness all it takes is for someone with a name, or the ability to sell the idea, to start the ball rolling with a scandal and it goes around the world.

People really can’t believe much of what is said on Television or radio anymore. Papers lie just like the TV news and the idea of a free press has gone with what is popular or can it get attention. The internet has become an editorial page of not just sound advice but plain stupidity.

We need to stop and realize our opinions can’t be developed because of this day in time and the way and methods of advertisements and slogans and plain lying are packaged. We need to be solid people with an attitude that we will be ourselves and we won’t succumb to the TV or other types of news that is slanted. Don’t believe much of what you see or read but know what is the truth, from the source if all truth. Trust in you natural instincts.

Everyone, especially good people, have in them the ability to reason and know the truth when it is spoken. Just listen to that inner voice and trust in yourself not some pundit who claims to know everything. Trust in thyself oh man for who has to pay for thy ways, no one but you.

No one can harm the man who harms not himself.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.