If Trump Is Re-elected, Media Have Themselves to Blame

It is no secret that Trump’s election in 2016 took the nation by surprise. “How could a man who many in the electorate saw as mentally, morally and temperamentally unfit to lead the country be elected president of the United States of America,” asked Forbes. The reason it was a surprise was that mainstream media completely dropped the ball. They were in such a pre-election self-congratulatory bubble they never reported to viewers and the public that Trump was likely to win.

To say that mainstream media preaches to the choir is an understatement. Many these days choose to go into journalism because they want to right social evils (as CNN aptly shows) and they tell viewers what they want to hear. But neither the politically correct (PC) media nor their viewers reflect the nation’s true pulse or issues – as the 2016 election showed.

It is almost like mainstream America has just ceded “mainstream” media rather than fight for representation. “Report what you want,” they seem to say. “You don’t speak for us and we have the votes.” Media has still not admitted they failed to call the 2016 election correctly and they are doing it again.

donald trump rally
Donald Trump rally – youtube sceenshot

Look at the December Democratic debate. “Senator Sanders, at least 22 transgender people were killed in the United States this year, mo[st] of them transgender women of color,” said journalist Yamiche Alcindor. “If elected, what more would you do to stop violence against transgender people?”

As I have often said, I wish “transgender women” once called transvestites, no harm or discrimination. But the total of transgender people in the U.S. is less than half of one percent of the nation, and “transgender women of color” much less than that. Do Democrats think they will win with the “transgender women of color” vote? Do they think it is a burning issue in the nation?

(Nor do media report that “violence against transgender people” often results from deliberate gender misrepresentation. How would you feel if someone you were becoming romantically involved suddenly revealed they were not the gender you thought?)

While the politically correct media and its followers no doubt think their fixation on the abuse of “transgender women” and immigrants balances out right wing conservatism what they don’t see is how their fixations actually drive the conservatism. Why? Because in worshipping “transgender women” and immigrants they are saying everyday Americans don’t matter.

I know a lot of everyday Americans who would like to flee the “gang violence” in their neighborhoods like the Central Americans the politically correct are obsessed with. Where is their amnesty? I see a lot of homeless Americans who could use the free food, housing and medical care the politically correct want to bestow on immigrants. But they are everyday Americans.

How bad is the politically correct worship of those with immigrant backgrounds? During the December Democratic debates, journalist Amna Nawaz asked Joe Biden about “Afghanistan” with a pronunciation he and many others had not heard before. Immediately, a Huffington Post reporter accused Biden of “challenging” the pronunciation when he simply didn’t “get it” like most viewers.

But the take-home message from the PC crowd, according to Huf, was she “is the first Muslim American to ever moderate a presidential debate,” and we should all be ashamed for the way we have been mispronouncing a Muslim country. And for the U.S. not having more Muslim reporters! (We won’t talk about more Saudi pilots in training.)

The same PC crowd shames everyday people for saying “Latino” instead of “Latinx,” “Chilee” instead of “Chilay,” and “Eskimo” instead of “Inuit.” Your pronunciation shows you are prejudiced and they’re not.

There is no question that everyday Americans have lost their representation in the media thanks to political correctness. But thanks to the politically correct wing that has hijacked the Democratic Party, Trump will also win the Presidential election – and the media will not even see it coming … again.

Kathy Sheridan is an old-style independent investigative journalist who covers a wide range of issues, taking some of the wild heat out of what partisans say to make their point. She uses in-depth research combined with common sense, a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking to get to the heart of an issue, to inform readers.