How to Really Stimulate America’s Economy

The Obama Administration and the “new” Democratic Congress’ first official act, their much ballyhooed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, simply did what so many prior administrations have done before in attempting to “save” America’s economy tsunami. They did nothing more than throw money at the problem, which has never worked before and it actually creates more problems than it solves. And all of that at the expense of the American people, and posterity.

Why was this measure passed, when it appears a good 70% of the American people and even Wall Street justifiably feel it will do nothing to stimulate our economy, nothing to provide more real jobs and nothing to assist those who have been victimized by Washington’s negligence to actually perform it’s Constitutional functions these many years? Could there be another agenda involved in these drastic and illegal measures and for which the American public has been left in the dark by both the political rhetoric and mainstream media’s collusion?

To me and more and more Americans, the obvious answer is yes!

Nothing truly has made sense since the attacks on our country made in September 2001. The basic security measures which were not taken speak volumes – we were attacked from within yet our own borders have remained open since that date. Non U.S. citizens were not only not requested to leave our country while redressing these heinous actions, but the Bush Administration agreed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership with Canada and Mexico. That agreement facilitates travel and trade throughout North American with little, if any, security checks for persons entering from those countries.

During his last 100 days of office, President Bush expanded these VISA waiver countries to include 34 additional countries – including Great Britain, home of the shoe bomber. President Obama has chosen as his new Secretary of Homeland Security Governor Janet Napolitano, a governor who saw, and contributed to by her inaction, a rise in property thefts and violent crimes in Arizona. This rise largely due to the continued open borders. While calling out the National Guard, Napolitano basically disempowered them as Bush did in the prosecution of two American border agents for merely doing their jobs. That prosecution resulted in 9 and 12 year prison terms due to a mere violation of an interdepartmental policy, mind you, not law and in which a convicted Mexican drug dealer with a superficial gunshot wound to the butt was given immunity by the US Department of Justice.

If anything, post 9/11, our nation’s position with respect to foreign policy has been that of continued appeasement of the demands of foreign nations, especially Mexico. This once great nation has become the global appeaser of the world. Even the War in Iraq, unlawful also under the terms of our Constitution, has been conducted in the position of appeasers to the new Iraqi government. An Iraqi government which would not have existed at all if we had not unlawfully “intervened” in their own internal civil war deposing their dictator, and now securing their towns cities and borders, while continuing to ignore our own.

This spending/stimulus package was simply a continuation of the failed Bush policies and all those that went before it. The “Big Oil” and S&L bailouts of the 80’s in particular. All of that is what lead in part to today’s nightmare, along with the September 2008 bailout of most of Congress’ campaign contributors in that “global” bank bailout which for the first time included not simply U.S. financial institutions, but a global one.

It doesn’t take a mental giant to make the leap that this stimulus/spending package is simply an extention of the agenda of the New World Order global socialists esconsced now on Capitol Hill, no matter what their political stripe.

The greater the debt, the more it “stimulates” foreign investment. The more foreign investment, the more global corporations and concerns will have a voice with our policy makers. Right now, apparently, it is much greater than that of the lawful citizenry since spending bills are now being rushed through at a record pace, and including more and more “padding,” foreign aid and graft in the process.

Hence, we are still in a no win war, and also now bailing out global conglomerates at the American people’s expense. We continue to hand out foreign aid like Santa Claus, while in truth our nation should be calling in some of those debts which have yet been repaid. I believe France’s debt is literally over 200 years old right now.

In saving and salvaging our U.S. economy, if Washington was truly interested, the founders had a method and it is incorporated within our founding documents. It is called “protectionism.”

The members of Congress and the economists that trash the protectionism concept are merely global socialists looking out for the global economy, and not the U.S. economy at all. The ones who have unconstitutionally and progressively tied in our economy with that of other nations.

These are the members of the Global Socialist Party, not Democrats or Republicans, but Global Socialists no matter which former party affiliation they still publicly embrace, in their voting records and stances they are of a “global” not “American” mindset and mentality. The amnesty advocates, and open borders crowd. The “human rights” and UN proponents above and beyond America and their countrymen’s rights.

Protectionism and the founders’ basic philosophy and beliefs would result in making America once again the truly industrial giant and major exporter of the world. It would result in more and more of the corporations which have moved offshore to move once again back home to America.

How would protectionism cure the outsourcing problem? By placing the import taxes once again on products that are made outside the U.S.

This provision in a minor form was originally included in the stimulus, but the Global Socialist contingent were successful in having it removed by using the “threat” of trade wars – a truly minor threat since America right now has the greatest trade deficit of any of the major powers in the world currently. Also, in order to facilitate domestic production and competitiveness, removing the tax deductions from former U.S. domiciled corporations who are primarily using foreign labor would also encourage these corporations to “hire American” once again.

It would be painful initially due to the fact that Washington has let this situation balloon out of control far too long, but the end result during the Hoover years when such practices were re-instituted was that America once again became the industrial leader of the world, building quality products in demand the world over. With America prospering, and not turning into the third world nation that it is at the present time, dependent upon cheap Chinese goods due to the progressive reduction in our manufacuring base, and depressed wages.

Insofar as imported labor, then either that labor is taxed at a higher rate than American labor again as an “import tax” or the tax on America labor is removed and only “foreign import” taxes on labor are instituted once again as the founders intended. They did not intend for Americans to pay a tax on the fruits of their labor in any manner whatsoever for the benefit of the federal government as can be evidenced by their no “direct” taxation provisions.

The solutions are there because the founders created the Constitution, in order to protect America and Americans. It is the Global Socialist Party, that is preventing and undermining the provisions in the Constitution, that has created this manipulated crisis.

And their members spread on both sides of the aisle. That is why even with a “change” of administration, so long as it is a member of the Global Socialist Party elected, the only true “change” is a “change” in the mouthpiece.

At this point I am truly wondering if some of these claimed “layoffs” are also merely “firings” of U.S. workers in order that the Global Socialist member corporations can continue to increase their outsourcing. They are partners in this global socialism agenda with their masters, the Fed and the bankers, and their representatives, the Global Socialist Party members on Capitol Hill.

I am referring to Reid, Pelosi, McCain, and any and all Senators, Congressmen or Cabinent members who also hold membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, the “educational” branch of this political party, and the true political “corporate” party affiliation of the Global Socialists.

Protectionism would really stimulate America’s economy and make America once again an industrial giant and a major exporter, bringing back the outsourcers, but we may have ceded all control to those with a different agenda.

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross is a writer and student of history who is fascinated by politics and the weakness of politicians.