Hillary flies the Air Force One friendly skies as taxpayers foot the bill

Hillary Clinton’s vow to reign in government spending has her right in the crosshairs Thursday. The Clinton campaign has disclosed in its August Federal Election Commission filings that it has paid $36,602.99 in the campaign’s use of Air Force One.


A Clinton aide told CNBC that Clinton’s July 5 Air Force One flight from Washington to Charlotte, North Carolina, with President Barack Obama was included in that total. That day was the first official joint campaign event for Obama and Clinton.

Clinton, Obama on Air Force One
Clinton, Obama on Air Force One

That is interesting. The flight that day came as FBI Director James Comey revealed his findings in the criminal investigation of Hillary and her private email server, among other things. There is little doubt Obama would have flown to North Carolina in Air Force One if he did not already know Comey would not recommend a criminal indictment.

How could he have known that? That’s simple, Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States and Obama’s personal pick for confirmation, divulged the director’s intentions ahead of his televised briefing. It may explain how Lynch’s private government jet just happened to land in Phoenix at the same time as Bill Clinton’s. They spent half-an-hour on her private jet with no record to the conversation or witnesses to the meeting.

Lynch later said at a hastily announced press conference at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix that the two spoke of Bills grandchildren and other general chit chat. Does one sane person actually believe the coincidence and the explanation?

The Air Force Once expenses were listed under “DNC Travel Offset Account.” All of Clinton’s plane expenditures during the campaign, except the Air Force One flight, have been categorized under “Travel.”

When asked for a breakdown of the expenses to determine the exact cost for Clinton’s travel on Air Force One on July 5, the answer was “No” from anonymous campaign aides. Just like other charter plane expenditures in FEC reports, no details on dates or destinations have been disclosed. Campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin said: “As is the standard practice, the campaign is covering its portion of the costs.”

Really Josh?

According to a Freedom of Information Act letter obtained by the nonprofit Judicial Watch, for every hour Air Force One is in flight, it costs $206,337. Josh defended the costs by saying, “According to FEC rules, the campaign has to pay airfare that would be comparable to a private charter.”

Schwerin’s willingness to be completely opaque on this matter is surprising, given his other gig.?Josh Schwerin is the deputy communications director for the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan organization that advocates for disclosure and open government.

However, taxpayers are now stuck with these bills. It should be noted that chartering a Boeing 747 through PrivateFly costs $16,877 an hour. FEC deputy press officer Christian J. Hilland said during a July interview, “Official expenses are paid by the U.S. government; the costs of political activities are paid for the national party committee and campaign expenses are paid by the candidate’s campaign committee and must be disclosed.”

Hillary Clinton has not been questioned by the left-leaning media about any of this. A woman who lied to Congress, committed perjury and was all but indicted for her crimes. She has demonstrated time and time again that the Clinton name separates her from ordinary citizens who long ago would have been in jail or prison.


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