Gov. Kasich Drops Out of GOP Race

At a few minutes after 5 p.m. eastern U.S. time Ohio Governor John Kasich is currently announcing in a press conference that he will drop out of the race for president in the Republican Party as I write this news report.

Ted Cruz, who had many more votes than Gov. Kasich, dropped out after seeing how many votes presumptive GOP candidate Donald Trump had, the night before.

That leaves Mr. Trump, who never ran for or held any political office before, as the leading contender for the Republican Party nomination leading up to the Convention later this year.

The Governor’s speech is the usual thank you and shout out to all of the many volunteers who had worked so hard on his run.

Gov. Kasich drops out of race.
Gov. Kasich drops out of the race for president.

Candidate Hillary Clinton says that the country can’t afford a “loose-cannon” as president and said Trump is “too dangerous” to trust in The White House.

Mrs. Clinton, former Secretary of State, former Senator, and former First Lady, is still battling with populist favorite of many Democrats and the vast majority of the gigantic independent or unaffiliated voters, especially those under age 35, Bernie Sanders.

While the GOP race is now essentially over, the Democratic race is still very much alive and in doubt with Senator Sanders leading in every state where independents could vote in the Democratic primaries.

Although this is filed during the speech by Gov. Kasich, he has unfortunately before almost maudlin talking about how he comforted people who had lost relatives.

He also called for a Constitutional amendment which would require the federal government to have a balanced budget – an idea, which if it had been in place in the 1930’s would have resulted in the deaths by starvation by perhaps millions during the Great Depression, and an inability to gear up for war against Nazi Germany.

He then sank into a maudlin peony about how we need to help others in order to spiritually lift ourselves.

Gov. Kasich’s Purpose

Finally he said “The Lord may have another purpose for me.”

The U.S. Constitution calls for complete separation of church and state, although it explicitly protects religion in the First Amendment, the same one which protects journalists and news publishers.

Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he would be interested in vetting Kasich for Vice President.