Donna Brazille the Same After All These Years

Former Democratic National Committee chair and debate question provider to Hillary Clinton was herself questioned Tuesday. Donna Brazille, a Fox contributor (of all places for her to be), was asked by the “Fox and Friends” hosts whether the former Obama administration was scandal-free as many Democrats profess.

Hold onto your seat. Donna had such a ‘surprise’ answer.

But to set up her predictable, robotic answer, the question was asked about former Vice President Joe Biden’s comments in New Hampshire about his old boss, Barack Obama, and his White House. He, too, was predictably robotic.

Joe said that Barack Obama was “an incredible president.” He also said, “There wasn’t one single, solitary hint of scandal.”

In case you just arrived from Mars, that was an incredible answer. Not even the most ardent Obama supporter could say that straight-faced, except maybe Donna Brazille.

donna brazille.
Donna Brazille

So now, back to Donna. She told the “Fox and Friends” team that the Obama administration was indeed scandal-free. When challenged by co-host Steve Doocy who pointed out the IRS’ targeting of conservatives, the Fast & Furious “gun-walking” program, and the Benghazi terror attack, Donna appeared hurt and stunned.

Nope, Biden did not make a mistake by declaring the Obama years scandal-free. All those “scandals” could have been taken up by Congress. Brazille came across as if the Fox people were crazy.

“Does that seem accurate to you?” Doocy asked following up. He was giving her a chance to save herself. She resisted the temptation.

So, co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that former Attorney General Eric Holder was less than forthcoming with Fast & Furious documents.

Brazille gave him the cold stare.

Then the third co-host Ainsley Earhardt, indirectly challenged Donna’s credibility, questioning if any commander-in-chief could have zero scandals after eight years in office. She got the death stare.

It is understandable that Fox News, attempting to be far less biased than their liberal cable challengers, has Donna Brazille on-air. But if they thought there was one chance in a million she would stray from her usual narrative about Obama or the Clintons, think again.

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