DNC Ponders Whether to Give Back Harvey Weinstein Contributions

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been shamed, dishonored and cast aside by progressive liberals. They are embarrassed and humiliated that Harvey has been unearthed to their “amazement” and “bewilderment.” But that doesn’t mean they don’t like his money all the same.

They are willing to turn a blind eye to Weinstein’s decades of sexual harassment and assault. You see, Weinstein is a longtime Democratic donor who has given $300,000 to the DNC.

Yet those same people announced last week they were only donating $30,000 of that money to charity. Furthermore, the groups getting the cash were openly pro-Democratic organizations Higher Heights, Emily’s List, and Emerge Aaside.

Does everyone now understand the casual hypocrisy of these compassionate liberals? The masters of victimization have their standards too. They are the kings and queens of putting lipstick on a pig, and I don’t mean Harvey the pervert.

After an event at the University of Wisconsin on Friday, Perez, the DNC chairman, known for his four-letter tirades at family political events, was asked by a tracker whether the DNC would return its contributions from Weinstein. In Perez’s usual business-like manner, he gave this eloquent response.

“You have a nice weekend, sir,” Perez said without looking. I am sure he left that event to ponder what morally would be the best thing to do. After all, he is compassionate, inclusive, tolerant …

… And in need of Harvey Weinstein’s cash.

tom perez and the spectre of harvey weinstein.
Tom Perez and the spectre of Harvey Weinstein looking over his shoulder.

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