Four Signs of a Good Immigration Lawyer

Canada is one of the world’s safest and most advanced nations, with a dynamic economy, excellent business and educational opportunities, and national health care that ensures a healthy, happy population. For these reasons, and many more, Canada is a prime destination for immigrants from the US and beyond.

Whether you’re thinking of emigrating for career reasons, to start a family in safe surroundings, or because you visited Canada once and didn’t want to leave, the first thing you’ll want to do is hire an immigration lawyer – but how do you know you’re dealing with the right person? Here are four signs of a good immigration lawyer.

1. The Right Credentials

When you hire an immigration lawyer, you need to know that you’re dealing with a qualified professional who can guide you through the process of moving to Canada and starting your new life.

While a qualified lawyer may not be a guarantee of successful immigration proceedings, hiring someone who lacks the right credentials could put your application in jeopardy before you’ve even begun. A good immigration lawyer should display their legal qualifications including their Law Degree (LL.B or J.D.) and membership in the Provincial Bar Association for clients to examine at any time. Whether a lawyer is properly licensed or not can be verified with the relevant provincial law society.

2. A Clean, Positive Reputation

When you choose your lawyer, do some Googling and find out what kind of reviews and reputation they have – then ask around and find out if anyone you know has used their services. The more glowing reviews you discover, the more confidence you’ll have in their expertise and commitment to their clients.

Immigration lawyers who have constant disputes with clients, fail to assist them properly, or have been referred to the Bar Association for investigation are definitely the ones you’ll want to avoid.

3. A History of Successful Immigration Cases

Simply put – if you’re paying a lawyer to help you immigrate, you want to know that they have been successful in helping others do the same.

Before you hire a lawyer, check and double-check the testimonials they provide and ask them about their success rate. While it’s not likely to be as high as 100%, it shouldn’t be too low either.

A solid immigration lawyer should be versatile and be able to cover all bases, whether it’s a business visa application, spousal partnerships or temporary residence, a good immigration lawyer should be able to show they have a history of success in a variety of cases.

If you feel like you’re taking too much of a chance by hiring a certain lawyer, take the time to research your alternatives. Once you find someone you feel confident about, your immigration experience will be that much better.

4. A Professional, Approachable Attitude

Immigration lawyers spend a lot of time with their clients, explaining visa and residency procedures and asking all the questions needed to prepare the mandatory documents required by the Canadian immigration authorities.

Throughout this process, you’ll want to deal with a professional lawyer who has a friendly, approachable attitude and answers your questions to your satisfaction.

By choosing the right immigration lawyer, you’ll rest easy knowing that the complicated process of immigrating to Canada is being handled professionally on your behalf. From briefing you on the immigration process to submitting crucial documents, your lawyer will become a trusted partner in the planning of your new life.

Once the paperwork is out of the way, you can start planning the details of your move and get ready to settle into your life and career in Canada.

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