Conservatives More Unified Than Ever Before: Press Not Buying It

WASHINGTON – (Newsblaze) – Ahead of votes in the United States House of Representatives on the debt limit and possible linking to defunding Obamacare, House conservatives had a message for the assembled press at the September “Conversations with Conservatives.” The message is: “We’re more unified than we’ve ever been before.”

The upcoming budget battle dominated the entire hour-long press conference with no mention or allusion to Monday’s tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard by either the reporters or the Congressmen at the event.

“We will get 250 votes” was the whip estimate on the current proposal to link Obamacare funding to the debt ceiling by Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, who communicated the house GOP leadership was functioning in the glory days of old. “This is the Speaker Boehner of the gang of 7” – a reference to the House Speaker’s involvement in efforts to reform the House bank and Post office.

Conservatives More United

“Its a great day for America” noted Rep. Sam Graves of Georgia, who made mention of the fact his colleagues were “united like I haven’t seen in a long time” The effort in Rep Tim Huselkamp’s view was going to put pressure on their Democratic Senate Colleagues “Mark Pryor [D- Ark] loves not having to vote on this.”

However, even with the presentation of unity to the press, the assembled reporters had several testy exchanges with the members, including several with CNN’s Erin McPike who pressed the panel with questions about a possible government shutdown. She wanted to know if the government were to be shut down as a result of congressional inaction, would Republicans be tagged with the blame?

“If that’s the story you want to write go right ahead” stated Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho to McPike. Rep. Ted Yolo of Flordia noted to her “This is a time we need to come together.” McPike pressed on, noting the Tea Party rally may not be giving the GOP the unity it wishes. “The fact those rallies happened emboldened us to talk to our leadership.” stated Labrador.

What Will Harry Do?

The next plays in the upcoming fight seemed to rest in the Congress’s upper chamber “What will Harry do?” asked Rep. Graves, referring to the Senate Majority leader.

“What will Mitch McConnell do?” was the response question of Tom Ferraro of the Reuters News Agency.

Ferraro’s question was met by a very creative evasion by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan “Even Belichick doesn’t script every play,” he said, referring to the New England Patriots coach.

Democrats want full implementation of Obamacare, we want full repeal.

As House Republicans were striking a unified and confident theme going in to the fall debt ceiling negotiations, they also held out olive branches as well “Democrats want full implementation of Obamacare, we want full repeal. Middle ground is a one year delay.” said Labrador.

Administration Evading Obamacare Questions

Other panelists in the discussion were noting troubles they were having questioning administration officials on the implementation of Obamacare. “Will you be able to cover people on November 1st?” asked Texas Congressman Michael Burgess. Burgess found other questionable issues with the “Navigators.” The “Navigators” will be government appointed representatives going door to door to help register people into the new government run healthcare plan.

“That’s the kind of stuff hidden within the Affordable Care Act.” Burgess remarked.

Conversations with Conservatives will return about the third week of October.

Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.