Conservative Movement Alive and Well, Scott Walker Tells CPAC

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — (NewsBlaze) Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in an early Thursday Morning keynote speech  to attendees at the Annual Conservative Political Action Conference declared the conservative movement to “alive and well,” in a speech filled with statistics about Republican Party victories around the country.

“For those of you who will be discussing over the next several days what is happening across this country, some of you might be confused, dare I say upset, what’s happening in the Presidential election, but I want to offer you some enthusiasm some optimism today and tell you no matter what’s happening there, the conservative movement is alive and well in states all across America,” the Badger State Governor said in his opening remarks.

Walker, who was the only statewide Republican in Wisconsin to win since Ronald Reagan, and survived a recall election, noted that those victories came as a result of a motivated opposition to a Democratic President.

“But the reason we see that kind of change is because Americans are looking for leadership to counter the failed policies of Barack Obama since 2009 talk about great recruitment,” Walker said.

That “recruitment,” as Walker noted, came as Democrats began the Obama Presidency with 28 Governors in state houses across the country, and seven years later there are only 18 Democrat governors in State Houses. At the present time there are 31 Republicans Governors, with 1,000 new Republican State legislators. That is “a remarkable turnaround,” according to Walker.

Walker believed that this year’s elections could result in several pickups in open seats such as West Virginia and Missouri, and “a shot” at New Hampshire and Montana. But they need to first hold on to Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s Seat along with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.

Additionally, Walker eyed Vermont in the home state of Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders as a surprise pickup. He noted that “in Vermont, where everybody looks like a conservative compared to Bernie, right?”

The policy successes of Walker’s fellow governors also made his address such as Pat McCrory paying down a several billion debt in the State of North Carolina, successes with cutting taxes in Tennessee, Susanna Martinez in New Mexico cutting the business taxes by half “and best of all you here in Maryland have a state government for the first time in nine years that does not include one single tax increase.”

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Randy Foreman
Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.