Anthony Trimino for California Governor: Changing Mismanagement to Management

In Irvine, California, United States, at his exceptionally decorated Traffik company building, Anthony Trimino, the grandson of an immigrant who fled Communist Cuba, a 50% Mexican, 50% Cuban and 100% American, has allowed me the time to explain his plan for California as the state’s governor, the position he has launched a run for.

I have now met Anthony and his wife Jennifer, who will be a beautiful and reachable First Lady, several times, face to face in person, and received satisfactory answers to every specific question I asked; no ducking and diving on any issue, rather effective strategy to California’s ills that will make the life of EVERY Californian better.

I am sure we all agree that we cannot afford one more day with the current governor who contributes to the ruination of the great State of California. California is aching for new management. The corruption must end NOW. I believe we have arrived at the point of having no choice but to stand up firm and make each and every Californian’s voice heard. It is not enough to just whine and complain how bad things are. It is time for all Californians to take control of our American right, to elect those who will truly represent US, We, the People, starting with a new governor who will install new and healthy policies that will heal California.

For far too long, many governments of California abused their power. More so, the current governor, Gavin Newsom, has abused his power and therefore his term in office must be ended, replaced by a governor who will focus on the quality of life for all Californians.

Anthony Trimino Standing For California

Anthony Trimino, standing as the Republican Gubernatorial candidate for California, is seen by supporters as the “X-factor” in California’s 2022 gubernatorial race. He appeals to a broad range of Californians, from moms, the fastest growing California conservative group who do not want the government to mess with their children and/or co-parent with them, as well as Californians of all walks of life.

One of a few breakaway corners in Traffik building. Photo by Nurit Greenger
One of a few breakaway corners in Traffik building. Photo by Nurit Greenger

Professional Approach

Mr. Trimino’s unique multi-cultural Cuban – Mexican – American heritage and his extensive business experience as one of Orange County’s leading CEOs with his company TRAFFIK, one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, provides a timely opportunity for the Republican Party to rebrand itself, evolve, and most importantly, begin changing the composition of California’s voter base. Though some people suggest that the Republican Party is on its last breath in California, supporters see a hopeful future with Anthony Trimino.

Since Anthony’s business objective is messaging, branding and creating the right image for companies even as large as Fortune 500, he believes that he can use this same professional method to rebrand California for the sake of all its residents. And California certainly needs a great deal of rebranding.

Jennifer and Anthony Trimino, in Irvine, California - Photo by Nurit Greenger
Jennifer and Anthony Trimino, in Irvine, California – Photo by Nurit Greenger

Anthony objects to the current governor’s tone-deaf approach and nuanced messages. He is sensitive to the audience, focusing on the most important message which is quality of life, not politics. It is not about the Ukrainian conflict. Rather, he is dedicated to California as a whole. He wants to stabilize the state, empower parents again, create a safe environment for kids and protect parents.

Mr. Trimino emphatically believes in restoring public trust in the governance system. Supporting all Californians is a critical aspect in the coming election and he firmly believes he is positioned to accomplish that goal by offering California voters a hardworking candidate option that reflects the diversity in the state today.

Moving California From Mismanagement to Management

Anthony Trimino’s ability to span his message across party lines is seen as the unifying factor that California needs. Since many Californians have ample reason to feel disenchanted with politics in Sacramento, Mr. Trimino, a husband and a father, has a message of freedom, faith, family, common sense, compassion, and hope. This should resonate with a majority of Californians, an encompassing unifying factor that could bring more voters to the polls.

Taxes: Californians are the highest taxed Americans in the nation. “Time to cut taxes,” Mr. Trimino says. But how? There is a $47 billion surplus in the Californian coffers. That means, Californians are over-taxed. Mr. Trimino will call to conduct a thorough state audit and if there is surplus, it awards rolling back taxation, including sales tax and gasoline tax. Mismanaging funds and constantly expanding the state budget is like “Robin hood mentality,” says Mr. Trimino. It does not benefit the taxpayers nor improve their standard of living.

Homelessness: As for fixing the devastating homelessness situation in California, Mr. Trimino would like voters to ask, at what cost? Were we asked? Did we approve that cost? As of now, negative to all three. Currently, $100 million annual payroll is set aside to pay people to “combat and fix” the homelessness in California but so far, there is no solution in sight. Trimino says he would consider allocating the existing funds to churches and non-profit organizations that are already helping and actively doing the work with the homeless as well as engaging the police to help free up the streets from the homeless phenomenon. There will need to be tracking and reporting on how the money was spent.

Regulations: California is among the most regulated states in the Union. Mr. Trimino will work to reduce regulation and the fees for these regulations.

Public safety and policing: Californians do not receive what the government’s job is which to give them safety. Crime affects every Californian. “Let the police be the police,” says Mr. Trimino; cancel the trifecta problems of no cash bail, the revolving door of early criminal release and the blind eye to misdemeanors.

Affordable housing: The price of a single family home or rental apartment in California is exorbitant, high above the national average, all correlated to regulations. “Regulations are costly and those costs are passed on to the buyer or renter. My plan is to rid the state of all the unjustified regulations,” promises Mr. Trimino.

Re-allocations of funds: “It all has to do with auditing and negotiating infrastructure contracts. In California accountability is lacking. I will manage the mismanagement of the state,” says Mr. Trimino. “I will conduct my governorship with transparency and never be tone-deaf; I will open the books to the public so we are all on one page, to heal the state.”

School choice: “I am all about school choice; it is about empowering the parents,” says Mr. Trimino. He will support parental rights and allocate the parents, for each child, the annual education cost of $14,000 to pay for the school of their choice.

Last but not least … the hot topic, abortion: “It is a federal issue,” states Mr. Trimino. Though he is “pro-life,” as a governor he will uphold the law and should any change to the law be required, it will be done by a state vote, not by a stroke of a pen.

Anthony Trimino’s governance nucleus is the family. For years the state’s governments have put a bandage on the problems the state faces. Removing the bandage and exposing what is underneath is the first step.

Mr. Trimino’s governing agenda will make all Californians better providers, for themselves and for their family.

To learn more about Anthony Trimino’s run for the governor of California office, see:

Track Record

Anthony spent decades consulting for some of the largest and most innovative companies in the US. He believes that his successful and positive entrepreneurial and inclusive style will help shape policies that will revive the state’s economy and make it work for all. In addition, his campaign is working to expand the voter base to those who have lost trust in career politics and to increase the 63% turnout seen in California’s previous election.

Anthony Trimino is in this race because to him, as he often says, “it’s personal.” His focus is not on politics, but on people, their lives, and their future. “It is not about policies, it is about principles and my aim is to move away from party politics and get down to real business that serves each and every Californian,” he says. The idea that he could make a positive difference for California and its people is what drove Anthony Trimino to enter the gubernatorial race.

Traffik Company building, Irvine, California. Photo by Nurit Greenger
Traffik Company building, Irvine, California. Photo by Nurit Greenger

“Let us make history. By electing me, Californians will elect the first Latino governor. That is historical,” emphasizes the gubernatorial candidate as we sit in his Traffik company building conference room and in which each room has an interesting story of history, extremely good taste and success to tell.

All who are Californian at heart, have a job to do: HELP to elect Anthony Trimino as the next governor of California.

All the above is summed up by the call to all Californians. In order for Anthony Trimino to win he needs us to go to the polls and VOTE, no-if no-but, no-excuse. All Californians can make a difference to the state by voting, preferably in person and not on the very last day, rather a few days before the polls close. It is up to We, the People, to elect a governor who will serve US!

All Californians who want to see a positive change in the state are encouraged to spread the word, and join in support of Anthony Trimino for the next Governor of California.

Anthony Trimino is available for media interviews. Contact him through his website:

The writer with Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Trimino. Photo by Nurit Greenger
The writer with Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Trimino. Photo by Nurit Greenger
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