An Open Letter To The Tea Party

Dear; Members, Leadership, and Activists

I believe your movement is at a crossroads, many in your movement were motivated by an honorable mission statement, with the goal of bringing America back to a time of cohesiveness that resembled 9-12-2001, when all Americans stood together after a catastrophic event in our nation’s history.

Unfortunately that mission statement is becoming tainted by a number of members and local leadership that threatens to render your movement moot.

Your very movement is encouraging and acting out against the very democratic process that makes our country great. You were heard in town halls across America, you almost got your way, but in the end, the Senate passed Health Care Legislation with a 60 vote super majority, the House passed the Senate bill, and it became Law. That is how our system works. Budgetary issues within the bill are currently being dealt with, by using a reconciliation process that is part of our political fabric, and has been used many times before now. In polls across America, the health care issue is a basic 50/50 split, and is trending toward approval.

What will you do? Will you continue to give out false information through Tea Party websites, like that of the Danville Virginia chapter of the Tea Party? Which gave the address of Representative Tom Perriello’s brother, thinking it was the Congressman’s address. The Congressman’s brother’s propane tank line was cut soon after. Is this what the Tea Party stands for?

Your movement is at a crossroads. Your movement has a decision to make. Will your members, leadership, and activists, actively denounce and remedy the actions, and behavior of your movement toward violence and intimidation? Or will you resemble the moderate faction of Islam, which is largely afraid to condemn the radical behavior that taints their worldwide image?

The legitimacy of your movement hangs in the balance. Will you use the examples of successful protest by the likes of King, and Gandhi? Or will you continue down this same path? The choice that is made in the next couple of months will be the one that marks the possibility of adding a legitimate third party to our political landscape, or the beginning of the end, of a movement that was hijacked by its radical activists from within.