Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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William Armstrong is a lifelong Michigan Fan now living in Tennessee, where he is starved for information regarding his Michigan Wolverines and the Big Ten in general. That is the reason he writes about University of Michigan Sport. Contact him at his blog hailtothevictorsblog.blogspot.com

My Final Answer on Big Ten Conference Alignment

We know the Divisions have been already set, and the league's current focus is on creating the schedule. Jim Delany has made this clear as well, saying to ESPN.

Big Ten Conference Re-Alignment

Jim Delany was unusually candid during The Big Ten annual meeting in Chicago on Monday.

Big Ten Expansion: Texas and A&M Meet Today, Can Long Time...

So what we have is the Big Ten, wanting to bring either Texas alone or with Texas A&M to the conference. although the programs are geographically distant, those institutions embody what the Big Ten stands for.

Big Ten and Pac 10 Expansion: Is Nebraska The New Linchpin?

Sunday was the day for two meetings of university presidents. The Pac 10 met in San Francisco, and the Big Ten met in Chicago. What was presented, could very well create a seismic shift to major c

Will Dee Hart Become The University of Michigan’s Next Football Commitment?

A Dee Hart commitment would not only be big for the University's future at running back, but it could also be a big commitment.

Big Ten Expansion, Why Stop at a Championship Game?

Here at Hail To The Victors Blog, we are all about the future. No matter how farfetched our theories may be, they are based with a modest amount of reality.

University of Michigan Imposes Self Sanctions on Football Program.

The University of Michigan's Football Program has admitted to Major NCAA violations for the first time in its 130 year existence.

I’ll Take Pitt if Big Ten Expansion Heads East.

In short I believe the Big East is a good football conference and a great basketball conference, which doesn't pose a threat to how the Big Ten does business, so why break them up?

How Big Ten Expansion Could Destroy The Big 12

With Big Ten Expansion being the topic of the day I would like to put my two cents in. I have been a Big Ten Expansion junky as of late. Hitting the message boards and reading the numerous articles broaching the subject.

The Soap Opera of Big Ten Expansion

That team being Notre Dame. But they need to show they are willing to expand to 16 teams, showing ND they may be left in the cold if they do not join.