True BBQ: Your Exclusive Guide To Smoking Meat

Thick, juicy, fall-off-the-bone meat that’s been smoked for almost a full week is the thing dreams are made of. Obviously, you don’t have to smoke meat for a week to achieve full flavor, but patience is key.

If you’re new to the world of smoking meat and want to know how to get that flavor that makes people close their eyes and savor every bite, keep reading.

Guide to Smoking Meat

There are a few decisions you’ll need to make before jumping head first into smoking meat. You’ll need to choose what kind of meats to smoke, what kind of meat smoker you want to use and of course, learn how to smoke food.

Let’s first take a look at what type of smoker to go with.

Meat Smokers

Traditional grilling is putting meat on a very hot grill. You can make some tasty meals with this method but it is killing the true potential of those ribs, chicken breasts, and of course, bacon.

Traditional Smokers

For a traditional method, you can use classic grills or offset smokers. The advantage to smoking meat in a standard grill is that you may already own one. This is a good way to introduce yourself to smoking meat.

You’ll need to prepare before you smoke in a grill as it is not meant to burn that long so special attention is required.

Many consider an offset grill to be the only true way to smoke meats and it is probably the mental image that you thought of when hearing about meat smokers.

They can make amazing smoked meats but they require a lot of skill to use so they are not for beginners.

Propane Smokers

Meat smoking has moved into the future. Propane smokers, including attractive vertical designed smokers, look great and are very easy to use. They are designed to work for the long hours it takes to properly smoke meats and doesn’t require a lot of skill to use.

Besides the unit itself, your main cost will be keeping it stocked with propane. You’ll want to make sure you have enough before you put a few pounds of brisket or bacon into the smoker.

Pick Your Meat

You have a world of options when it comes to smoking meats. From turkey and chicken breasts to pork chops and brisket, whatever you choose will come out flavorful and tender in ways that you never thought possible.

If you want to smoke chicken or turkey, consider brining the meat first. This will help the skin withstand the long hours in the smoker. It also helps keep the moisture in. This process may take 10 to 12 hours.

The rub you choose for your brisket, ribs or pork is also important. Adding that flavor to the meat before you put it into your smoker will allow it to come alive and take your meat to the next level.

Smoked Meat Is the Best Meat

Once you’ve mastered the art of smoking meat, you won’t ever look back.

Friends and family will be bringing over fresh cuts for your smoker and before too long, you’ll be crowned as the chief smoker in the neighborhood. For more guides about taking food to the next level, check out articles on food here.

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