Renting A New Home: Things To Take Care Of Before Moving

It often takes weeks of searching on every property website and consulting with several real estate agents to find a decent home to move into.Once that’s accomplished, all one needs to do is pay the rent and security deposit and move their belongings into the house. However, before taking this step, it’s important to take care of the following:

Downsizing and Packing

A lot of people forget this, but one of the best ways to make moving easier is to downsize the belongings.One may think that they need to take everything they own to the new home. However, going through the items, one may see that many items can be donated or simply discarded. For instance, they can donate their old clothes, toys, etc. to those who need them more than them. In the same way,they can just get rid of damaged utensils, furniture, etc.

It’s important to remember that the less stuff one carries, the cheaper and easier moving is. In fact, they can go a step further and put all their items in labeled boxes so that when they unpack in the new home, then they know exactly where everything is.


It’s a good idea to change the locks of the new home especially if one plans to live in it for a long time. This is purely a safety measure as one can never know if someone else has the keys to the house as well. However, before getting started, it’s a good idea check the lease first as the house essentially belongs to the landlord and any kind of modification in the property can lead to an unnecessary dispute.

Pest Control

To keep new diseases and illnesses in the new home at bay, one must make it pest-free before moving in. After all, it doesn’t make sense to look for signs that oneis sharing the home with termites, bats, etc. after moving in when one can actually deal with the problem before it becomes serious. The simplest solution is to contact a reliable pest-control professional who can inspect the property for unwanted bugs and pests and spray the pesticides in all the appropriate areas. Once the place is safe and sanitized, moving in can be initiated without a worry.

Renters Insurance

In many US states, one can’t rent a property unless they have renters insurance. However, even if someone is able to get the perfect place without it, experts recommended that they get it nonetheless. The following are some of the reasons why:

  • It costs barely $15 to $30 a month (depending on location) and offers up to $50,000 of cover which is enough for most of the belongings, property damages, etc.
  • It can protect one from personal liability lawsuits which can be quite expensive.
  • It can also reimburse the insured for stolen items if they become a victim of theft (even if the belongings are outside the house but within a fixed radius) depending on the contents insurance.

Change of Address

With a new house comes the requirement of changing the address in different records. However, updating the address with the USPS isn’t as hard as one might think. All one needs to so is visit the Change of Address portion of the website, take 6 simple steps, and pay a small fee of $1. That’s it! Doing this will ensure that the person receives all the important documents from the US Postal Service at the right address. Of course, they also need to update the address with the credit card company, ecommerce websites, utility companies, etc. but these can be easily dealt with after USPS.


If an opportunity presents itself, one should introduce themselves to the neighbors. This is because they can tell them about the best restaurants, shopping centers, etc. in the area. If they are nice enough, then they may even lend them a hand when they are moving furniture and other stuff in the house.

It can be quite exciting to find a house or apartment which is ideal for someone’s needs. However, to make moving as smooth as possible, the things that are discussed above must be dealt with first. This can prevent unnecessary issues from emerging later.

Melissa Thompson
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