Orchestrating A Heart Centered Life With Music

Many of us have experienced instances in our life where music has acted as a catalyst for orchestrating transformation. A rite of passage where music defined and sculpted out such a powerful experience that we were forever changed. Music creates a roadmap to experiencing and re-experiencing all of our important moments.

The first kiss, a favorite song at your first concert, the theme song at high school prom, walking down the isle at college graduation, dancing with dad at your wedding and a year later singing a lullaby to your new born child, and creating the first stroke on the canvas of their musical memories. Music moves and rotates through the circle of life, yet we rarely realize that we have the ability to steer it beyond random experiences into daily nourishment for our mind, body and soul.

In challenging times, music can move beyond art and entertainment and rekindle a conversation that speaks beyond logic. Music speaks to our heart … and our heart speaks back.

SO, are you ready to listen? Here are three unique ways to orchestrate transformation and lead a more heart-centered life by utilizing music.

1. Connect with Your Inner Symphony

When most of us think about music, we think about it as something that happens to us. This is true, but in addition, music is something that happens in us. Internally there is a symphony of sound that is created within your body. Your heartbeat, your breath and your sigh are constantly speaking to you, communicating that you are alive and present, no matter what challenges are going on in your life.

Take a moment every morning and place your hands on your heart. Listen and feel your life force moving through you. Give yourself a big breath in and release a powerful sigh. There are no two heartbeats or breaths exactly alike. You are unique and have the opportunity to create something beautiful every day. As you listen to your heartbeat, your breath and your sigh, you have the ability to start your day in gratitude. You become immersed in the simple but powerful awareness that you are here, in rhythm and in harmony with your life force as your day begins.

2. Re-define your Playlists

It is truly amazing the technology that we have at our fingertips!

Most of us are familiar with the concepts of playlists: the ability to group our favorite songs together to create a theme. For example: A day at the beach, or 70’s disco nights, etc. Most of us carry these playlists in our phones and have easy access to them during our day. Imagine taking this to a new level and creating playlists to transform negative emotions, moods and daily stress.

For example: Put a group of songs together that bring you comfort and create an Anti-Anxiety playlist. How about a Gratitude Playlist to plug into your day when challenges occur? You can mix and match genres, (my gratitude playlist contains the funky “Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin” by Sly and the Family Stone, and the mid tempo, heart opening song “Thank You” by Dido). You can even create a wind-down playlist with songs that relax you before bedtime.

These playlists become highly valuable tools when experiencing challenges in your day and allow you to re-center yourself before your stress snowballs into “One of those days.”

Nothing re-connects us with our hearts the way music does. As we utilize these playlists to move back into rhythm with ourselves, we spend less energy in drama, negative mindsets and stress. This has the ability to improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and our quality of life.

The take home is that in this state of health, we reserve more energy to share our hearts’ calling, whatever that may be.

orchestrating a heart centered life with music
orchestrating a heart centered life with music.

3. Musical Nourishment

Just as we nourish ourselves physically by having three meals a day, we can nourish ourselves, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with music. The three most important times of the day to use music are in the morning before your day starts, midday to re-center and re-juvenate and in the evening before going to sleep.

  1. Morning

    Just as your breakfast breaks the fast of not eating from the night before, the first piece of music you listen to breaks the fast of not listening to music since the previous day. The first piece of music you listen to can set the tone for your whole day.

    If you have an important business meeting, you might want to play an upbeat motivational song. If you have an intense emotional day ahead, maybe classical music might be your musical prescription to create calmness. Remember you have the ability to be the D.J. of your life!

  2. Midday

    By early afternoon, most of us have experienced a challenge or some minor stresses. Your midday song is just like lunch. It should provide energy and re-juvenate you.

    Sometimes I like to get up and move and choose a piece of music with a lot of rhythm, other times I need to calm down and listen to more meditational music. In addition, you can also take a few moments and listen to your internal symphony: your heartbeat, your breath and your sigh as previously discussed.

    Your midday music is the perfect tool to re-start, re-juvenate and re-harmonize your energy!

  3. Evening

    After dinner, your music for the evening should be like dessert. Something sweet and gentle to bridge you into more restful sleep.

    Most of us do not take the time to process our day. We go from fast moving days and over-stimulating our brains and not enough time winding down and re-connecting with our hearts.

    Research has indicated that listening to music that has a tempo of about 60 beats per minute (this is the tempo of our hearts at a relaxed state) has shown beneficial effects in treating insomnia. Your internal rhythm (your heartbeat) has the ability to adapt to the external tempo in music. This is called entrainment. Doing a search online for music at 60 beats per minute will provide an array of options for you. I suggest putting on the music about an hour before bedtime.

    Music becomes the perfect bridge to relax, process your day and re-synchronize you with your heart as you journey into dreamtime.

Remember, you have the ability to compose yourself, create harmony with others and find your own unique rhythm. You are the conductor and have the ability to orchestrate a more heart-centered life … and music can be the catalyst!

Barry Goldstein
Barry Goldstein has been a composer, producer, and researcher on the vibrational effects of music for more than twenty-five years. He brings his knowledge of frequency, resonance, entrainment, and harmonics into his healing with music series Ambiology, which is being used in hospitals, hospices, medical offices, and in individuals' homes worldwide. He is a Billboard Top Ten recording artist and has composed music for film and television.His work spans many styles and genres, from coproducing the Grammy Award - winning track "69 Freedom Special" with Les Paul to providing original ambient music for Shirley MacLaine, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Daniel Amen.In addition, in his new book The Secret Language of the Heart, Barry shares how every one of us - the musical and nonmusical alike - can harness the power of music to alleviate specific illnesses, reverse negative mindsets and attitudes, dissolve creative blocks and improve overall health. Backed up by the latest scientific research on the benefits of sound, music, and vibration, this book offers practical, concrete instructions for healing that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences and needs. Available at www.amazon.com/author/goldsteinbarry.Read more about Barry at www.Barrygoldsteinmusic.com