Emissaries of Divine Light – Why Are We Intrigued

Where does my happiness come from? Do I contribute unconditional love in the life of others? Who Am I? Right from the classical medieval periods which mark the origin of spirituality, to the modern age which includes teachings of various spiritual leaders; such questions have always been a chief part of our spiritual journey.

It has now become clear that the entire existence of humankind, the universe and their interdependence is based on the fine balance of spiritual awakening which in turn helps us find answers to the above questions. One such popular school of thought, for more than five decades, has been the Emissaries of Divine Light, an organization created by Loyd Arthur Meeker in 1932.

You don’t even have to be particularly spiritual to make sense of the mantra that they offer, which is simply to assist in the spiritual rejuvenation of humanity. Whether the teachings of the Emissaries of Divine Light are starting to speak to you or you’re already a staunch fan, here are some interesting particulars that highly intrigue us.

In the busy lives that we lead, making time to stay connected with each other can be a hassle, let alone understanding our place in the universe and connecting with it. Thanks to Emissaries of Divine Light, that is already popular among thousands of followers, you learn to use your emotions to connect to the universe and also leverage the universal intelligence needed for your spiritual enlightenment journey.

You don’t need to listen to hours of meditative guides when only a few days spent at one of their centers can give you so much more meaning, healing and an opportunity to develop yourself.

emissaries of divine light.

They practice attunement, a vibrational healing modality and a daily practice of aligning with our innate spiritual current. Emissaries of Divine Light also brings to you some of the most prolific and inspiring learnings shared by their current leader David Karchere himself, helping you to evoke the power of the Creator within you and to unleash the power to heal, change and re-create.

Headquartered at Sunrise Ranch, the principal purpose of the Emissaries of Divine Light, as stated in its Articles of Incorporation, is to bring about the spiritual regeneration of the human race, under the influence of the spirit of God. The achievement of this purpose is necessarily accompanied by the transformation of the planet upon which the human race exists.

This transformative process must begin with an acknowledgement that the earth does not belong to mankind; rather, we are stewards. Our land was purchased to serve as a living spiritual symbol for the body of mankind of what is possible when the earth is returned to the One to whom it belongs and when the spirit of God-and not self-centered, selfish personal human desire – dictates the behavior of human beings.

With the stories of the lives they have radically transformed and the thousands that have been impacted by them, we at times wonder if we have finally found a way to gain a deeper understanding of our lives and to the questions that have been burning in our soul for years.

You can learn more about their remarkable work and philosophy on their website and can even go ahead and follow David Karchere on twitter for your daily dose of thought provoking spiritual tweets.

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