Change Your Life! The Key: Effortlessness

We have been intoxicated, formatted, educated, trained, and forced to become what we are not. We have been adapted to a system at the expense of our true self.

We have to make effort for everything all the time. We have to please everybody around us and we have to adapt to an unnatural system. Most of us are exhausted from exerting so much effort constantly.

We have lost touch with happiness because we are exhausted. We lost our way because we have been broken. We lost hope because we don’t believe in our true nature and because we believe that we are not good enough the way we are.

What does it mean to make an effort? It means to do something we are not designed to do. If it would be something that we would do naturally, we would not need to make an effort. So if we have to make an effort it is not natural.

Finding A Way Forward

We cannot reach our true self with effort. The only way forward in our lives is to let go and find our own stream.

Garden and fruit
Beautiful apples growing naturally in the garden

Look at nature: do you think that anything in nature has to make any effort? Do you think that a rose makes an effort to open? Do you think that a tree makes any effort to push leaves? In the garden the fern will never be a geranium: ferns are happy in the shade and geraniums in full Sun. Why would you try to make a fern grow like a geranium and be in full Sun? It would be foolish and cruel. It is exactly what happens every day to each of us. The only difference is that because we have been so well formatted our worst enemy became ourselves. We don’t need anyone anymore to tell us how much effort we have to make every day. We constraint ourselves to do and be everything but ourselves because we lost track with who we really are.

What would it mean for each of us to stop making an effort? It would mean that we understand that having to make an effort is not natural and brings us away from our true self. As long as we don’t question this reality, we can’t change. I see so much suffering in my practice as a Coach and Therapist from people wondering why they are so unhappy and so tired. The first step is to reconnect with your true self and rediscover what makes you happy. Follow your own rhythm, follow your own path to rediscover what energy is. As long as you follow what you have to do, what people told you to do, you are just ignoring the gift of being who you are.

Many people think that they are lazy, that if they don’t kick their backside they are not doing what they are supposed to do. In fact, nobody is lazy, except a few people for whom doing nothing is the way. It is a very little fraction of the population. If you would rest for long enough, you would recover a decent level of energy and would find what you really want.

Starting A Real Change

So what is it that you should do to start a real change?

When you are tired, rest, go to bed, take care of yourself. When you are hungry, eat and choose what you want to eat: not what you should eat. When you are upset, acknowledge it and try to find why you are upset and what to do to be happy again.

We can make a real change in our lives when we decide that we have enough and that we want to just find our own stream of energy, activities, partners, and stop making effort. Making effort is just taking you away from who you really are. You don’t need to learn anything, you need to remember who you are.

Life is not so complicated as long as we unlearn what has been hammered into our head from the start. We are not different from nature, we are part of nature and it is up to us to rediscover what makes us really happy.

Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Author.
With 18 years experience, he helped hundreds of people, and many international organisations around the world.
He gives workshops and conferences and is specialised in the impact of consciousness and limiting beliefs on achievements and success.