Are You Scared to Believe in Yourself?

Beliefs are like doors opening or closing down possibilities. The day you stopped believing in Father Christmas for example, you closed a door which was opening on a vast territory of magic and fantasy. The great disappointment started on this day and you started doubting the reality of amazing possibilities.

Our parents and their parents before them have been protecting us from faults expectations and delusions and the risk of believing that life can be really great and fantastic and that we can all achieve amazing things if we believe we can. The notion of being realistic to not be disappointed is the key to so many vocations missed; so many lives lived to half their potential. The notion of being realistic is most of the time a “Half empty” belief about life.

If a new position comes up in your company, your beliefs about yourself will determine if you can have this job or not. If you believe that you are perfectly capable of doing this job, the door is open. If you think that it is too much of a challenge, you close the door. It is as simple as that.

Analyzing Your Belief

We open and close doors every day with our beliefs but some doors have been carefully shut long time ago. Let us talk about your potential for example. What do you think you can achieve in life? What do you believe you can accomplish? What value do you have in this world? The answers to those questions will be minimalist for a huge majority of us. It is exactly the reason why a huge majority of us are not achieving amazing things in life. You can say that having children, having a house, being happy are great achievements and yes indeed, those things can be great achievements but are you really happy? Is the greatest achievement not about happiness?

It is not about all of us becoming Bill Gates or Mother Theresa. It is about all doing what we really want to do in life: it is about expressing the very nature of our Hearts. In the lovely story tale of the Eagle and the Chickens, this baby Eagle felt down by accident in a poultry house. Raised as a chicken by others, not only he was not good enough as a chicken because he was different, but he believed that he was a chicken and he did not even try to fly.

We like to believe that we are not really different from each other and that we are nothing special and that we should not believe in Father Christmas. All those beliefs are blocking us from accomplishing what we are designed for. We all are special because we all are a unique expression of Human Kind. We all have an amazing destiny to express who we are in our own way. From school, we try to conform, to be like the others and to be accepted and integrated to the crowd and we pick on the ones who are different and we reject them.

Remember the time you were feeling different

Can you remember the time when you were feeling different from others? Why do you think you were feeling this way? Because you were different, you ARE different. You are unique and the only thing you can do in this life to be really happy is to accept, embrace and express who you really are.

It is a real risk to change beliefs, to open the door to a new way of thinking. It is scary to imagine starting to believe that we are unique and that we are precious, that nobody else on this planet can think the way we do and be who we are. Whatever our circumstances, it is often easier to believe that we are like everybody else and that it would be foolish to believe otherwise.

Don’t Limit Belief

Take a minute to imagine how different your life would be if you would start to believe that you can really do what you want, be who you are and affirm it as the most fundamental right. Real happiness is not about what happens to you but about embracing your true self and expressing it the best you can in the world.

Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Author.
With 18 years experience, he helped hundreds of people, and many international organisations around the world.
He gives workshops and conferences and is specialised in the impact of consciousness and limiting beliefs on achievements and success.