Are Soul Mates Real? Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Reveals

Are soul mates fact – or fiction? Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart says they are – and she helps clients find just that. In addition to her unconventional, yet wildly successful work as an animal whisperer, intuitive new age healer, and spiritual seer, Rose states that she also helps people find their soulmates and twin flames.

Rose Stuart further adds that she is very successful in helping many people reunite with lovers. She also does energy work including Reiki, and using the power of prayer. Rose says that sometimes things in a person’s past or past life can cause negative situations in this life, and sometimes they may not be successful or have a good relationship, where two people are not able to be together until they remove the negative obstacles that are there.

Rose says she does this very successfully, adding; “There are many tools that are used these days – spiritual tools, that can help us physically to be connected to our loved ones again in the physical form, and also within the spirit world.”

The Truth About the Crystal Ball

meditation carpet.Rose reminds that many people and groups – including the Catholic Church, have quietly been performing exorcisms for many hundreds of years, and that what she does for clients when this is necessary, is no different. She also states that she works with clients using meditation and specific healing techniques, adding, “Just like some people always make fun of the crystal ball, and of psychics, what they don’t understand is that way back in the earlier days, people did not know the power of crystals, and of stones, that they thought when they looked in the crystal ball they could see in to the future but that is not true.”

Rose continues, “The crystal simply gives people a stronger intuitive energy for them to read the natural energy fields of a person. That is why these things including; crystals, oils, incense, meditation, yoga, and Reiki Energy healing and others – they are all very important to fine-tune our spirit and soul.” Rose adds, “If not,” she says, “a person might not be capable of giving love properly, or or receive love in any meaningful way, because their soul may be blocked from the outside.”

“We are 90% spiritual, and only 10% physical,” Rose says. She goes on stating, “Many times, a person may go into a depression, and have negative energy, not knowing why their life is not going the way they want, and this is why they may be so unhappy.” She adds, “They may ask why they are unlucky in love, why their partner doesn’t love them, or more. “

Rose Stuart.
Rose Stuart.

The Psychic in the News

Rose Stuart has been published world-wide, regarding her stunning predictions. As recently reported, she made a decision to expand her business massively, and the opening of the recent second and third new location in Montana are a part of that.

Rose Stuart attributes her success thanks to many things including; her recent national news coverage in correctly predicting Trump’s win, her prediction of Russian hacking, predictions of problems with North Korea, and helping to find the missing child of a celebrity, and solving a murder, in addition to countless and ongoing personal matters for clients all over the world.

Full Service Metaphysical Boutique

As earlier reported, at Rose’s new store The Rose Boutique, Etc. #3, Rose offers a place to buy many things including; special crystals, blessed incense, unique jewelry, and even special healing stones. Rose began her metaphysical work as a young child, giving readings for adults who were shocked at the young girl’s uncanny ability to tell them things about their past and future that were true.

As noted earlier in NewsBlaze, Rose gives many unique and highly sought after services including; aura readings, palm readings, tarot readings, Reiki sessions, life coaching, and more. She states that there are actually Energy Vortexes around her New Boutique #3, which are dynamic areas where the Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields are more powerful.

You Tell her Nothing – She Tells You All

As mentioned on Fox News in Montana earlier this month, Rose states that she loves helping people, and her specialty is reuniting lovers. Her other services include; reading palms, tarot, astrology charts, love charts, energy work, spirit guide and ancestor work, chakra balancing, Reiki, relationship counseling, and much more. She is also a relationship coach and even an ordained minister who performs weddings, which she loves to do.

Experience a Session with Rose

For a personal reading with Rose, clients may visit her store, or call. Rose states that just as a cell phone reception can travel around the world through waves with satellites, so too travel the energy vibrations, and spirit energy of a human being, making her intuitive, quantum level type of work successful from near – or far.

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