5 Suit and Tie Combinations That Mark This Year and Role of Brands Like Bolvaint

Now we have lived the first half of this 2016, it is much easier to determine the most successful suit and tie combinations for this year. Keep in mind that the word combination is used on purpose because the word trend is often abused and misused. As we all know, wearing a suit without an appropriate tie can be a true fashion disaster.

That’s why men are advised to take good care of this element in order to stay stylish and fashionable regardless of the event. The good news is that many luxury men’s accessories providers, like Bolvaint for example, have a wide range of ties that can help men look fantastic.

Now let’s see what are the five suit and tie combinations that will mark this year.

Accessories Present in Large Amounts

It is not unusual this year to wear suits and ties and add a few accessories that are clearly visible too. Of course, with the help of these accessories, you will make your outfit more noticeable and more practical because some of these accessories actually have a practical function. There are many men who are wearing bracelets, pocket squares, lapel pins and other accessories to emphasize their style and appearance and it seems that they are successful.

man with bolvaint suit, tie and watch.High Rise Pants

Sometimes, there are styles that regain popularity and this is definitely one of them. The high rise pants that have been used for many decades are now back on the scene. In the last decade, many men following the latest trends decided to wear low cut pants. So, technically speaking, these high rise pants are just pants with normal rise accepted before this trend. They are covering the natural location of a man’s waist. In any case, they look great and very attractive, especially on taller men.

Tall Collars

There are men who are great fans of small, floppy collars and they often wear them together with their suits. However, it looks like this year, tall collars are becoming more popular than ever and these tiny collars will eventually be forgotten. According to many experts, tall collars have a character and they let men make bold fashion statements. Some people say they look even better when they are not wearing a tie. The only category of men that should avoid tall collars are short men with short necks.

Rough Fabrics and Textures

There were times in the past when men were wearing only silk neckties around their collar. Men who wanted to stand out from the crowd opt for satin ties, but there were no rough fabrics and texture solutions. The good news is that in 2016 this is changed. This doesn’t mean that everyone should wear ties and suits with rougher fabrics, but it is always good to have more than one or two options. The best part is that the roughness of the materials makes men look more masculine.

Wide Lapels

Finally, wearing suits with wide lapels is another great combination that has become popular this year. If we take a closer look at the photo galleries of the most famous designers we will notice that they have at least one suit with wide lapels. Men can wear almost any kind of tie on a suit like this.

These are interesting style trends for discerning men. As important as style is brand, because the brand itself says luxury – or not. Brand says something about the person who wears the item, and they take on the attributes of the brand.

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