Twin Bridges Adds A New Show For Holiday Shoppers

Collectors search through thousands of piece of collectible glass and china.
Collectors search through thousands of piece of collectible glass and china

Just when Northern California dealers and collectors thought there were no more great shows during the holiday season, Twin Bridges announced a four-day event on December 13 through 16 at Country Club Plaza in Sacramento!

Ideally located between I-80 and Hwy 50 at Watt Avenue and El Camino, the newly renovated Country Club Plaza is one of the oldest enclosed shopping centers in the region. “Its rare that we have the opportunity to provide collectors with a first-class antiques show at a shopping center at this time of the year. The response from West Coast dealers has been most enthusiastic,” says Carole Berry, Promoter of the event. She continues: “We already anticipate a fabulous variety of merchandise coming to this show, including vintage jewelry, restored trunks, advertising memorabilia, coins & stamps, glass, china, pottery and porcelain, and American and European furniture and furnishings. ”

Miracle Glass Repair restores damaged glass and china for collectors.
Miracle Glass Repair restores damaged glass and china for collectors

Special Services: Kenny and Judy Lang of Miracle Glass Repair, well known throughout the Western States for their quality repair of glass and Ernest Portillo of JMJ Enterprises, Sacramento, offering expert jewelry repair, will be available during all show hours.

The Country Club Plaza Show will also feature Twin Bridges’ popular Appraisers Panel on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16 from 12 noon to 4pm daily. For $5.00 per item, collectors and dealers will receive a wealth of information on their family treasures and yard sale finds.

“While many collectors are curious about the monetary value of their antiques and collectibles, others are interested in obtaining information on the origin and historical significance of special pieces. Unsure of where to turn for credible, professional advise, collectors frequently are thrilled with the opportunity to meet with our appraisers. We’ve had people show up with a dresser in a pickup truck (even though we encourage them to take pictures!), a ring with a “gaudy” stone that turned out to be a high quality diamond, a crude looking ceramic plate that didn’t sell at a yard sale that turned out to be a genuine Picasso, to a quilt made by hospitalized servicemen in World War II,” says Carole Berry.

Steve Turner, Twin Bridges Appraisers Panel.
Steve Turner,Twin Bridges’ Appraisers Panel

Appraisers taking part in the December event at Country Club Plaza include: Stephen Turner, well known throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area as a featured appraiser on the Home and Garden Television Show ( H.G.T.V) & “Appraise It,” as well as a contributing author to the “What’s It Worth” column which appears in The San Francisco Chronicle weekend edition. He has also served as an appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow in San Francisco. Mr. Turner is often consulted for his vast knowledge of fine arts and Orientalia. Mr. Turner will appear on Saturday, December 13 from 12 noon to 4pm.

Gary Cox, well known throughout the Greater Sacramento Area as “The Antique Answer Man,” offering both written and verbal appraisals. A regular on Public Television, renowned speaker to glass collectors, civil war buffs, antique societies and those just learning, interested in how to tell a fake from the real thing. Mr. Cox will appear on Saturday, December 13 and Sunday, December 14 from 12 noon to 4pm.

Patrick Archer, a generalist specializing in glass and pottery who has been an avid collector for forty years. A California resident for the past nine years, Mr. Archer previously served as a certified appraiser with the State of Michigan’s Court system. Mr. Archer will appear on Sunday, December 16 from 12 noon to4pm.

Larry Hull, Twin Bridges Appraisers Panel
Larry Hull, Twin Bridges’ Appraisers Panel

Larry Hull, originally from Missouri, has been an avid collector for nearly half-a-century and dealer since 1978. Mr. Hull specializes in small silver items as well as pre-Civil war and American pattern glass. His extensive collection of early American glass has been featured in several antiques publications and he is highly regarded as an expert in his specialties. Now retired from the antiques business and living in Red Bluff, Mr. Hull appears with Twin Bridges Appraisers’ Panels throughout Northern and Central California. Mr Hull will appear on Saturday, December 13 and Sunday, December 14 from 12 noon to 4pm.

Sally Jo Kregger.
Sally Jo Kregger

Sally Jo Kregger has specialized in estate jewelry for over five years. Interested in jewelery since age fifteen, Mrs. Kregger enjoys helping collectors learn more about their special pieces.

Mrs. Kregger will appear on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16 from 12 noon to 4pm daily.

Twin Bridges Fall Antique Show & Sale at Country Club Plaza in Sacramento takes place Thursday, December 13 through Sunday, December 16. Show hours are 10am to 9pm Thursday through Saturday and 11am to 6pm Sunday. Admission and parking are free. For driving directions or more information, contact Twin Bridges at 530 241 4063 or on line at

Carole Berry, Antique Event Coordinator organized Folsom’s successful 40th Annual Antique Peddlers’ Fair, on Sunday, September 16.

Collectible pottery at the Twin Bridges Shows
Collectible pottery at the Twin Bridges’ Shows

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