4th Annual Artivist Film Festival & Artivist Awards ‘Merging Art & Activism

“Of all the Film Festivals in the world, Sundance or Tribeca, ARTIVIST is the Film Festival of the future” Martin O’Brien, Filmmaker

This year’s Artivist is partnering with KPFK Radio and CURRENT TV, reaching more than 25 million people. Join us in celebrating the 4th ANNUAL ARTIVIST. “ARTIVIST” is the 1st international Film Festival & Awards dedicated to addressing Human Rights, Children’s Advocacy, Environmental Preservation, and Animal Advocacy. Our purpose is to strengthen the voice of international activist artists – “Artivists” – while raising public awareness for social global causes. 60 FILMS * 25 COUNTRIES * 1 MISSION: GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS

Join filmmakers, artists, and the progressive community from around the world as we unite at the annual Artivist Film Festival to address the importance of art and activism in our global community. This year’s extensive and diverse Film Program includes narrations from: the Dalai Lama, Harrison Ford, Ted Danson, Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey, Jimmy Smits, Mary Steenburgen, Val Kilmer, Ingrid Newkirk, Peter Segar, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Gene Baur, Ray Bradbury, Tommy Chong, Ralph Nader, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Eve Ensler, Daryl Hannah, and Stuart Townsend, narrating various issues and taking us on diverse journeys that lead to the healing qualities of compassion, teamwork, preservation, and reminding all of us of the interdependence between Humanity, Animals, and the Environment. OPENING NIGHT FILM

“America the Beautiful”


Directed by Darryl Roberts

NOVEMBER 8, 2007

RED CARPET: 7PM FILM SCREENING: 8PM Los Angeles Premiere Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood BE THIN. BE YOUNG. BE PERFECT. BE BEAUTIFUL. With wit, humor, and inspiration, “America the Beautiful” challenges mainstream “beauty.” Images of “perfect beauty” bombard us on television, billboards and through the glossy pages of magazines. Desperately trying to achieve ideals created by companies who want ever increasing profits, we are buying cosmetics, diet pills, fashion, and plastic surgeries at an ever increasing rate. Every day, American women and girls are being directly and indirectly marketed with the notion that they are ugly, fat, old, or must be “improved,” to the profitable tune of more than $150 BILLION dollars a year. So… who is actually profiting from this high-priced journey? And at what cost to your health, self-esteem and happiness? “America the Beautiful” takes us on an eye opening journey through the fashion world, the cosmetic industry, and the diet pill, pharmaceutical and plastic surgery industries. The film also addresses how these industries directly influence eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and depression among millions of American women and girls. “America the Beautiful” is the perfect Film to share with all of the women and girls you love and ultimately reminds all of us what real “beauty” is all about! Join us for the Los Angeles Premiere, and our Opening Night Film, “America the Beautiful” on Thursday, November 8, 2007 at the Egyptian Theatre in the heart of Hollywood.

The Film is followed by an evening reception featuring an “Alternative, Eco-Friendly Fashion Show” celebrating beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages! —————————–

NOVEMBER 9, 2007




NOV 9, 2007 9:15PM

The Los Angeles Premiere Egyptian Theater, Hollywood

Q&A FOLLOWING THE FILM SCREENING WITH THE DIRECTOR AND PANEL. Directed by Kevin Booth. The War on Drugs has become the longest and costliest war in American history. From conservative district court judges to hashish smugglers, from LAPD narcotics officers to the most famous crack kingpin of the 1980’s, from actors and doctors to gang members and drug dealers, The Last White Hope casts the Drug War in a new light, one that shows how money, power and greed have corrupted not just dope fiends but an entire government. More importantly, it shows what all of us can do about it! ——————–

NOVEMBER 10, 2007



NOV 10, 2007 9:15PM

The Global Premiere Egyptian Theater, Hollywood Q&A FOLLOWING THE FILM SCREENING WITH THE DIRECTOR AND PANEL. Directed by Peter J. The highly anticipated and most talked about Global Premiere of “Zeitgeist,” the re-mastered version! Zeitgeist was created in the hope that it will inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective, and to relay the understanding that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The true understanding of events, both historical and modern, are crucial to the development, awareness and spirituality of the human condition. Zeitgeist is an expose on the social fallacies that currently plague this fundamental progress by way of critically analyzing common political, religious and economic understandings which most have assumed to be true. —————-


RED CARPET: 6PM. AWARDS CEREMONY: 7PM Egyptian Theater, Hollywood Hosted by PERSIA WHITE

This year’s Honorees include: TED DANSON, ALYSSA MILANO, CLAES NOBEL, of the Nobel Prize Family, Dr. Gloria Lane, and the winning Films of the Artivist Film Festival. The Artivist Awards honors artists whose exemplary work in their community stands out as a shining example of one person’s ability to change the world for the better!


To view our entire Film Program and to Purchase Tickets, visit our websites: www.ARTIVISTS.org





” I applaud all those who organized “Artivist” to raise awareness about so many issues. You are sending a powerful and unique message.” BARBARA BOXER – United States Senator “Congratulations on the success the Artivist Film Festival has achieved in its relatively brief history. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with your organization and I consider it a great honor to speak at the Artivist Film Festival.” DENNIS KUCINICH – Congressman, 2008 Presidential Nominee “Artivist is a celebration of art and activism created by an international group of activists.” LA WEEKLY

“Artivist is committed to strengthening the advocate voice of filmmakers and artists.” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER www.ARTIVISTS.org

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