Suspicious White Powder Found at Liberty Bell Shuts out Tourists

Terrorism? Or a joke gone wrong?

A balloon type object containing a suspicious white power was found today in Philadelphia near the Liberty Bell Pavilion, reports KYW NewsRadio. The possibility of it being part of a nefarious terrorist act has forced the closure and evacuation of the famous tourist attraction. Latest news says officials were awaiting results of tests on the powder before proceeding.

Horse drawn carriages have been sent elsewhere, and busy sidewalks and roads have been closed off. Initial tests on the powder suggest it is positive for an organic substance.

Flour, possibly? Baby powder? Cocaine even? Are we getting all worked up for nothing?

As much as it seems likely that yes, this is unlikely to be a true terrorist event, as a country, let’s be proud of our increased security measures. As annoying as it is to have to go around closed roads, take off our shoes and belts at the airport, and temporarily shut down tourist attractions – these security measures are giving us something greater than our own inconvenience. They are giving us peace of mind.

So, while it seems likely that this will be a big one or two day news story that will most likely come to nothing – let’s give a hand to our security forces who are all working double-time.

And pray that the mysterious white substance is nothing more than simple baking flour.