Sioux In Front Line Battle While World Media Is AWOL

There is an intense confrontation growing in North Dakota, and it is happening now. This confrontation is becoming more feverish and grave. On one side is the Mahatma Gandhi-like non-violent Sioux and their allies. On the other side are the brutal military forces of North Dakota and the United States Government. These military forces take their marching orders from Corporate America and Wall Street.

As you read these words, the scandalous attack by the mighty United States of America against not only the First Amendment Rights of its hallowed Constitution, but its horrendous violations of universal civil and human rights against the Sioux and their allies is beyond belief.

It is heart-rending to know that sensitively-attuned people like the Sioux, are being so brutalized. The Sioux have such beautiful ways of seeing and being in life through many wonderful cultural practices such as the: Vision Quest, Inipi Purification, Chanupa Ritual, Tobacco Sacrament, Yuwipi Ceremony, Sacred Circle Dance, Sun Dance, Ghost Dance, Native American Church Healing Ritual and Shunka Ceremony.

Can this really be happening in America’s own backyard in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? Whatever happened to that good old NIMBY saying, “Not in my backyard?”

unarmed sioux vs military action.
Unarmed Sioux vs military action.

Why is the might of America and the world’s mainstream media not coming to their aid? Why is the big media AWOL and MIA by their lack of coverage of the on-going pitched battle happening, as if it were the front lines in Syria? Meanwhile, the Sioux are now doing all the fighting for America, Canada and the rest of the world against the globalized corporate forces Those globalized corporate forces have marshaled their sweeping blitzkrieg attack against not only America but also the world.

Too many Americans, Canadians and others are still navel-gazing over the U.S. Election results while bemoaning, “Woe is Me! What Are We To Do?” But while so much intellectual spinning of the wheels is being done, the Sioux and their allies are now engaged in the same pitched battle that America and the rest of the world will have to one day fight if it intends to survive.

A huge wake-up call for all Americans is long overdue. Americans must realize that the struggles of the Sioux to protect their sacred waters of life are also their struggles, and the world must come to their aid soon. Today! If we do not support the Sioux, the same battles will one day explode in every hamlet, village, town or city across the land. When it does, who will then come to everyone else’s aid?

Wake Up America! Wake Up Canada! Wake Up The World! The Corporate interests are coming for you, too!



Jerome Irwin
Jerome Irwin is a Canadian author, who wrote The Wild Gentle Ones: A Turtle Island Odyssey. He once lived with the Crow Creek Sioux along the old Fort Thompson stretch of the Missouri River.