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Jerome Irwin is a Canadian author, who wrote The Wild Gentle Ones: A Turtle Island Odyssey. He once lived with the Crow Creek Sioux along the old Fort Thompson stretch of the Missouri River.
water cannon used on nodapl protestors.

A #NODAPL Thanksgiving Day 2016 Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Mr. PresidentI'm writing to you on this sad day of Thanksgiving in response to despicably-racist, un-American conduct happening in these United Sates. The perpetrators...
unarmed sioux vs military action.

Sioux In Front Line Battle While World Media Is AWOL

There is an intense confrontation growing in North Dakota, and it is happening now. This confrontation is becoming more feverish and grave. On one...
Heavily armed police attack unarmed Sioux protestors. photo from @uc_ninja unicornriot.ninja

Indian Treaties, Oil Pipelines, Climate Change and Election Doubletalk

As we edge closer to the presidential election, it is time to amplify the emotional and spiritual perspective of the Native Voice. That voice...
dogs attack native americans.

Edward Snowden, the CIA and Sioux Indians Converge in a Man’s...

The premiere of Oliver Stone's film Snowden Live brilliantly depicts the intellectual and emotional underpinning that motivated Edward Snowden to first enter into and...
Dakota Access Pipeline, Tar sands. Video still image.

The Dakota Access Pipeline; A David & Goliath, Good vs. Evil...

As the eve of the 2016 US presidential election draws nearer, and the world inches that much closer to the edge of their seats,...
defend the sacred sioux burial grounds.

Wall Street’s Destruction of Sacred Sioux Indian Burial Grounds

Major kudos go out to the Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners and their multitude of Wall Street financiers that reads like a lineup of who's-who....
Lesser of two evils Bernie and Hillary arguing.

2016 US Presidential Election is Over: The Winner is the Evil...

My, My! How quickly the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election came and went before it had even begun! AND THE WINNER: LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE...

A Travelogue in the Fast Lane of the 21st Century via...

The international traveler, who may only be briefly passing through some strange new land, can tell at a single glance so much about not...
hugh glass news article

The True Odyssey of Hugh Glass Versus The Revenant

When Hollywood releases a violent action film, 'loosely-based' on truth, it's certain that Hollywood is about to play fast and loose with the historical record.
obama stopping or making war.

Stopping War, Terrorism, Global Warming Is So Much BS!

The effort to stop war; terrorism; global warming, hunger, poverty refugee crisis; equalize disparity between the Haves & Have-Nots; is lip-service BS.
tpp states 2010

The TPP Is Coming! The TPP Is Coming!

Jerome Irwin says the Trans Pacific Partnership is a bad deal for freedom-loving people around the world, with a small-print enslavement of the people.

Two Opposing Paradigms Vie for the Future of the World

Jerome Irwin says the world needs a new Paradigm of Light, with signatories to a Covenant of Ideals that speaks to the common aims and goals of humankind.