Schools Are An ‘Essential Business’

One hundred years ago, education in the United States was surrendered to the government and since then education in America has been systematically going downhill.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by a novel virus, with the shutdown of all aspects of life in America and in most parts of the world, schools were shut down as well. Kids were sent home packing. They are learning became secondary stock. Online studies have been discombobulated and many says they are ineffective.

Over the past six months of existence humanity has become more familiar with this now not-so-novel virus. Testing and evidence indicate that children are the least susceptible to contracting or transmitting this virus. Parents and other concerned adults say this requires immediate returning to the normal learning environment of the classroom. They want to end online learning, because it is rather useless and in many ways dangerous for child development.

President Donald Trump has been consistent in his calls for schools to reopen. The Republicans have been strong proponents of reopening the schools nationwide with all the cautions needed for a safe of minimal virus effect environment.

The Los Angeles Teacher’s Union, one of the largest in the state, and the United Teachers Los Angeles, at 3303 Wilshire Blvd 10th floor, Los Angles California 90010, are all about ransom policy instead of returning with the kids to the classrooms. Their leadership say that public schools should not reopen unless their demands are met.

Leigh Dundas, human rights lawyer, founder of 'Advocates For Citizens' Rights' - Schools are essential[sS]
Leigh Dundas, human rights lawyer, founder of ‘Advocates For Citizens’ Rights’ – Schools are essential – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Their demands, conditions to the returning of the kids to the classrooms have nothing to do with education, rather with deplorable politics.

Yesterday, August 19, 2020, a few of us who are concerned citizens, protested in front of the United Teachers Los Angeles building. The people let the union know that their actions are unacceptable and they will suffer repercussions.

Though the union acknowledged that in some parts of the world schools have reopened successfully, they laid out conditions that do not meet any commonsense assessment.

The scientific and medical data show that children are at very low risk to the COVID-19-virus.

But the United Teachers Los Angeles decided that reopening of schools is the usual Democrat Party politics.

Their demands include implementing a moratorium on private schools, and they took aim at charter schools, defunding the police, increasing taxes on the wealthy, implementing Medicare for all, and passing the HEROES Act, which allocates an additional $116 billion in federal education funding to the states.

The United Teachers Los Angeles union went further to say that these policies must be implemented on both the state and national level before their teachers will show up to teach our children, before reopening schools.

Continuing conducting classes online has turned political, not driven by the experts’ data.

Leading the protest, attesting to the cautionary tale of the United Teachers Los Angeles misconduct were Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD, a family physician, now a medical doctor activist, and wife Mari Barke, Orange County, Californian, Board of Education Trustee.

Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD[Ss]
Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD – Photo Nurit Greenger
Dr. Barke and Mari, his wife of 25 years, are parents to two children. He is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, founded by Dr. Simone Gold, MD. He has been a Member of the Governing Board of the Los Alamitos Unified School District since 2006, serves on the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue team and is a volunteer Medical Director of “Pathways to Independence” – a Los Alamitos-based organization dedicated to helping at-risk young women.

Left-Mari Barke, Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, Dr. Mark McDonald MD, Ceci Iglesias[S]
Left-Mari Barke, Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, Dr. Mark McDonald MD, Ceci Iglesias – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Other speakers: Will Witt, PragerU social media Influencer, founded the Parent Union, Leigh Dundas, human rights lawyer, founder of ‘Advocates For Citizens’ Rights‘ (AFCR), Dr. Mark McDonald MD, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors and trained in both adult and child & adolescent psychiatry at UCLA, and (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids).

Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD & Will Witt[S]
Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD & Will Witt – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Mari Barke[S]
Mari Barke – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Cecilia Ceci Iglesias founded the Parent Union[S]
Cecilia ‘Ceci’ Iglesias founded the Parent Union – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Amy Bohn, Founder-Advisor of PERK[S}
Amy Bohn, a mother of three, the Founder/Advisor of PERK – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Compilation of the statements made during the protest and the profound messages they carry:

“The public have had enough of the political bureaucrats telling [us] them what to do. We now push back, fight for our liberty.”

The scarf – Photo credit Nurit Greenger

“Social Isolation is the breakdown of society. It is the method to breakdown the enemy of the state. It is the method to crush the national spirit.”

Regarding the fear the media, some ‘experts’ and political personas instilled and promoted and are still promoting in the public domain: “There is no need to be afraid of the virus. Fear never prevents death, but it prevents life. Causing our kids to fear is dangerous to their mental development.”

“Our children and their education are not for sale!”

Protest sign – Photo credit Nurit Greenger

Protest sign – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Protest signs – Photo credit Nurit Greenger
Protest signs – Photo credit Nurit Greenger

Parent Union Banner
Parent Union Banner – Photo Nurit Greenger
Protesters – Photo credit Nurit Greenger

The signs some of the protesters carried speak for themselves, calling for ending the teachers’ unions’ pressure-hold on education and taking a new direction in the way we can educate our children and give them the education they deserve with much better future opportunities.

With Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD
The writer with Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD-Photo credit Nurit Greenger

Taking Control

Parents, remember, no one can think for you but you!

It is not, what a lawyer, a politician, or an unelected bureaucrat tell me what I need to do … but what humanity, reason, commonsense and justice, tell me I ought to do.

Remember, even children poorly educated are our future.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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