Obama DNC Speech Is A Hit

The Obama DNC speech is a hit they said.

They, of course, being the media or those on the left. Anyone not an Obama fan or the few independent non-partisan media said it was lacklustre.

As is typical with anything Obama says, it usually depends which side you are on.

Nobody at the DNC convention so much as mentioned the unrest they had fomented. Why would they? It would have undermined their carefully-scripted weak case for electing their chosen one.

Sadly, Joe Biden’s time has come when he openly appears to have major cognitive issues. It is there for all to see, but the DNC has nobody else with enough name recognition, so they are trying to run out the clock with Joe.

The DNC also only have one speaker with star power, and that is Barack Obama. Their supporting acts are mostly no-names and RINO republicans that nobody trusts.

Author and historian, Jon Meacham, speaking on the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC, said Barack Obama took an “intelligent” and “wise high road.” Meacham didn’t mention the snark that came with that “high road,” but that was to be expected.

The democrats did what they always do – promise grand plans, without any strategy, and no discussion of policy. All they can do, after almost four years of crying about the bad orange man, is to point their collective fingers at others.

Certainly, they have voters who are rusted onto them, who will never be separated from them. As the days count down to election day, more people realize that Joe and Kamala are empty suits. Joe and Kamala have no idea how to make people’s lives better, other than by trying to take more from some people, so they can give it to people who can’t think for themselves.

It’s very sad, but the teachers’ unions have been allowed to create a few generations of whiny children who don’t know how to make their own way in the world. Those kids will soon enough be bringing up their own kids. And if things don’t change for the better soon, the America that was known for free-thinking may only exist in a few history books. … the ones that aren’t burned.

When Barack Obama said “Do not let them take away your power. Do not let them take away your democracy,” who was he talking to? He may have been speaking to the democrat faithful, or the rioters looters and violent ones.

Obama probably wasn’t speaking to the Trump voters, but the sentiment applies much more to them, because they would once again be the big losers if his pal Joe Biden is elected in November.

Barack Obama’s DNC speech was definitely a hit, but only with those who were convinced it would be before it was given.

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Obama 2020 DNC Speech

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