Residents Consider Suisun City Council Recall after Wal-Mart Project Approved

Editor: Alan Gray, NewsBlaze

Resident group to consider recall of Suisun City Council for approving Wal-Mart project; will hold Saturday meeting

SUISUN CITY, Ca. – Opponents of the recently-approved Wal-Mart here said they are continuing the fight, and will hold a community meeting to consider a possible recall of Suisun City Council members who disregarded public safety warnings.

Aviation experts and other land use professionals sounded urgent warnings, but council approved the controversial project at Walters Road and Highway 12 Feb. 13.

The community meeting will be held this Saturday, March 8, at 10 a.m. at the Grace Baptist Church, 1000 Bluejay Drive in Suisun by neighborhood activists for “Save Our Suisun (SOS).”

“It’s time for a change at City Hall when the political leadership of our community refuses to listen to its citizens, and listens only to big, out-of-state development interests which dominate decisions impacting our neighborhoods, public safety and qualify of life,” said Dwight Acey, a resident and one of the event organizers.

The Suisun City Council ignored recommendations by the State Dept. of Transportation, the Airport Land Use Commission, the Pipeline Safety Trust and other experts that the 24-hour Wal-Mart Superstore could pose a safety risk because of its proximity to Travis Air Force Base, an underground jet fuel pipeline and it’s location on Highway 12, or “blood alley.”

Land use experts advised that the project would cause unmitigatable air pollution, threaten nearby wetlands and likely cause flooding to surrounding neighborhoods.

“We need more than rubber stamp politicians; we need real political leadership if Suisun City is going to face the many growth issues now confronting our city,” Acey added.

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