Predictions Prove True by Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart

Psychic Predictions prove true by Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart, reports Hollywood Sentinel, as detailed in this story below.

Rose Stuart, rated one of America’s most accurate and trusted psychics, has predicted many recent events, as detailed in news stories here at NewsBlaze dot com and other national media.

Predictions Prove True by Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart 1

Rose has astonishingly predicted among other things; Trump’s win, spying by North Korea and Russia, tampering of the U.S. election by Russia, the U.S. electrical grid being tampered with by North Korea, bombings in a small town (Texas bomber), attempted assassination on the President that would fail (numerous including driver, fence jumper), conflict in Jerusalem, and much more.

In this weeks stunning predictions, Rose states that she has done a reading recently on Kim Jong Un, which she says reveals that the dictator has a crush on Trump, an obsession with him that goes back to his childhood, as a fan of “The Apprentice.” Rose reveals that meeting Trump will be like a mark on Un’s belt, to prove to himself and the world that he is a leader to be reckoned with, and finally taken seriously. Rose also cautions that while she sees the meeting going very well, not to trust Un to easily, as he may not keep his commitments made right away.

Listen to the full reading and predictions in the exclusive interview with Rose, here below;

Licensed Marriage Counselor

Considering her psychic work a gift from God, not only as her work, but a part of her religion, Rose Stuart is also an Ordained Minister. Offering spiritual retreats all over the country Rose also offers marriage counseling, and life coaching, as a certified marriage counselor.

Specializing in helping to re-unite lovers and loved ones, Rose also assists in removing negative energy blocks, removing evil spirits, exorcisms (similar to what the Catholic Church does), card readings, palm readings, reading one’s aura (energy field), and more.

A big supporter of farmers and officers in the military, Rose has helped many farmers with intuitive advice regarding their crops, and with men and women in the service, as well as retired veterans, children, and others from all walks of life.

She also counsels on helping to break cycles of physical abuse in families and relationships, among more. Rose even helps pets, who most pet owners will attest – are very intelligent beings that can think and feel.

Her motto: You Tell her Nothing – She Tells You All

Rose began her work in the intuitive arts at a very young age, having visions and premonitions as young as four years old. Her gifted ability only grew as she grew older, with each year adding to her experience as to how the gift of intuition and the spiritual realm work, and how to better control and harness such energies and visions.

Booking a Session with Rose

For a personal reading with Rose, potential clients may visit her at one of her locations, or call her at any of her numbers below.

Visit Rose Stuart at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc.
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