People All Over The World Come Together in Mind and Spirit

On the 17th of February, people all over the world will come together in mind and spirit to celebrate their connection with each other with two minutes silence at 3.00pm, USA, Eastern Time.

There is a spark of freedom that lives deep within all humanity. It is called a free spirit and on World Human Spirit Day, it will be communicating to the human race loud and clear; I’m A Free Spirit. I kindly request peace and harmony on earth. It is now time for the human spirit to live the creative, peaceful life it is meant to live, and for the personal human ego to serve that purpose. Together we can all make a difference.

People will sense a connection between each other when they go into the two minutes silence on Human Spirit Day. It will be a very powerful silent meditation and the more people that participate, the more powerful it becomes to bring about world peace and harmony.

Silence connects us to spirits meaningful forces and in the silence we are renewed and refreshed. If we allow the negative forces to engulf us and do not take authentic action when we can, we are held in bondage … slaves to ideas, perceptions, beliefs and dogma that do not bring any lasting love and joy.

If we take a story from the Bible, Moses asked Pharaoh to release his people from slavery. Pharaoh did not take any notice and it took ten plagues to make him change his mind. We can look on that story as is in the literal sense, or we can dig a little deeper for meaning and use it as an analogy, to examine our own lives, and find out if we are slaves to our own egos. Are our own perceptions of life plaguing us into negative mood swings, which will end in ill health, by the fact we are ignoring spirits true intent?

It is far better to prevent ill-health and avoidable mishaps, before it they hold. There is no better way I know than by tuning into the forces of a free spirit.

Let all the people of the globe connect on World Human Spirit Day to make this world a place of peace and harmony. By giving your time to inform others, you are doing the work of a true soul.

If you have not already done so, can you please pass on the enclosed information to you Facebook, Twitter and any organization or media outlet that you know.

World Human Spirit Day. February 17, 2011